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Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz - Book


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Tamariz's memorized deck stack, "Mnemonica", has become a legend with card magicians throughout the world, and within this book he reveals at last its complete workings, as well as teaching the reader how to memorize the stack-forever—in as little as three hours.

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joathon allwood
This book isTechnology for your mind it the perfect gift for any one who love an historic level of super cool award winning theoy and good value magic effects with card, the elements within this section art of card work will open up new level of service tool that gave you keystone for you to become an master close up magician ! It be a problem crime if you was hanging out with friends and each of them did one of the 100 effect and then they ask you to discuss one of the effects from the book , you can not say nothing if you have not got the book,! But if you have the book opportunity and benefits will be open to and you will have more information that some magician my not have because they pass this timeless design book by. Be the best o this subject you can with this beautiful book!


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