Monkey in the Middle by Bill Goldman

Monkey in the Middle by Bill Goldman

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No moves?!? Yup. No moves.

"You can perform this over and over, and trust me they’re gonna beg you to do it. And the more you do it, the less they see.” -Magick Balay

So.. I’m floored. Where has this trick been all my life? This may be the most perfect card trick, certainly the most perfect sandwich trick. THEY sign a card. They put 2 jokers on top of the pack. You don’t move a MUSCLE. And instantly, their card is between the jokers.

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Customer Reviews

Olaf Schäfer

Love it, easy to handle, good for the wallet and strong in surprise

Mark Call

One of those effects you will LOVE preforming. AND... can do OVER and OVER... just brilliant yet SIMPLE! You will love doing this and carry with you all the time!

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