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MystiCube Basic Set Up eStooge


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Alakazam are proud to be the exclusive stockist of the amazing eStooge dice here in the UK.  

I met with the creator at this years Blackpool convention and he showed me the inís and outís of this amazing dice system.  

I can honestly say to my knowledge no other dice on the market can do what this system does.

The set comes as standard with one die but you have the option to add two more to the mix creating unlimited possibilities!

OK, So what can you do with one die?

Phase One

Imagine handing your spectator a die, asking them to place it behind their back and place it in to either hand.  They bring both hands forward (at the same time) and you play a game of which hand. You can do this numerous times and you will always be 100% correct!  If you have the Deluxe set your spectator can choose which colour die to play the game with (changing each round if they wish) and you will not only be able to tell them which hand but also which colour they choose)

Phase Two

Ask your spectator to mentally or randomly choose a number on the die. Put the die on their hand with their chosen number face up.  You will now be able to reveal the chosen number (this can be repeated as many times as you wish). 

I know there are other Dice on the market but will any of the others allow your spectator to call your friend who is apparently keeping an envelope for you.  They ask your friend on the phone to open the Envelope and read your prediction over the phone and you have predicted every choice they have made. (this feature allows sets the eStooge above every other Die out there.

The Standard Set Up Comes With

1 x Mental Die (Usually black in colour)

1 x Charging Unit

1 x AP Receiver

FREE eStooge App

3 months FREE subscription to the eStooge cloud (regular price $55 per year)

Add extra Dice as and when required

It is simply the best die in the world of mentalism:

- Finally... casino size (19mm), non-suspicious, perfect looking die!

- Two powerful capabilities: Locating (which hand) and Numbers reading!

- Multiple dice simultaneously! (buzzer and display)

- Rechargeable battery! (long battery life)

- Long ranges! (up to 50feet)

- Different dice colours.

- Cloud Capabilities (auto-uploading a prediction to your website, or read minds from any place on the globe)

- Availability of Compatible identical plastic dice (plastic) as souvenirs to your spectator



* The Mysticube Requires the AccessPoint (and the Mobile App OR the MindWatch for multiple dice)

** Check out our special prices for ordering multiple MystiCubes.

*Please allow up to 21 days for delivery

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