Alakazam Presents Myth

Alakazam Presents Myth

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A thought of card, a random number and an impossible double revelation!
"Myth is a stunning piece which is choreographed to perfection. I genuinely love it”

Marc Spelmann

"Mark has created a fantastic commercial piece of magic that I cannot wait to perform.  This is a killer. Its time to believe the MYTH”

Wayne Goodman
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Customer Reviews

Bill Richards

I'm not entirely sure I agree with Tony Rush's review, I found the explanatory material wholly adequate and incredibly easy to follow and understand. I've made up my decks using a red and a blue 1800 series, (the same as the red one's Mark uses), so I start out by talking about rummaging around in the back of an old magicians cupboard and how I came across The Myth ... after this effect I'm quite happy to move straight into Heirloom. Everyone I've shown this effect to has been suitably impressed.

Tony Rush

Mixed feelings! (I almost wonder if the other reviewers are talking about a different effect!) The effect is solid and hard-hitting as anyone can tell from the performance video. But, in my opinion, the accompanying DVD is needlessly cumbersome and confusing. It almost seems as if some of the video segments are out of order as some of the "tips and tricks" given seem to assume that you already know how the effect works. The overall result is that you're drawing on cards without really knowing WHY you're drawing what you're drawing or what the purpose is. Ultimately, if you just follow the instructions mindlessly, you'll wind up with a setup that works. But going through the process felt like walking through something blindfolded. This is my first review for an effect from Alakazam that wasn't a solid 5-star rating. This just isn't the typical quality of explanation I expect from Alakazam.

Martin Cook

Fantastic, easy to set up. Instant reset after use, can be used over and over again. Haven't performed it yet in front of anyone, who was not blown away by it. A must trick to have.

Chris Campling

i recieved mine yesterday and didnt take long to learn at all and set up very clever and amazing got the hang of it already recomend it defently

Graham Lowery

Myth arrived today. I watched the DVD, it took half an hour to set up and the same amount of time to practice. Showed it to my brother and his wife who have seen me perform loads of magic over the years and they didnt have a clue. This is first class and I would highly recommend it.Well done Mark and Peter.



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