Nardis Brainwave Cards


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Love Nick Trost's 8 Card Brainwave?
Love To Do It With Symbols?

Well so does Peter!. That's why a few years ago Peter designed this set of cards.  Peter's Brainwave cards will make for a great opener of a perfect follow on for effects like Symbol.  

After being ask by numerous magicians Peter is finally bringing this set to the magic market so now you can perform the 8 Card Brainwave just like Peter has for the past few years. 

*Streaming Instructional video included

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Customer Reviews

Gary Pearce

How had I missed this gem for so long , easy , visual and entertaining , a must for a opener

Ian Tudor

Just received this and I must say it’s one of the strongest mentalism effects I have seen for the money. So easy to learn but impossible for the spec to backtrack to try and guess the method. This is a great addition in any wallet but use it with SAW and it is the perfect reason to bring the wallet into play. Buy it you won’t be disappointed!


I overlooked this and what a mistake! This is an awesome packet trick and for £12.99 it's a bargain. Within a few minutes I was performing this and I love it. Highly recommended .

Dean James

Looking for something new to fit in your assassin,or a great new opener to test if your victim can be influenced look no further this is the one and for 12 quid i love it ,with the right patter you can set up the evening with this beauty, Very nice indeed peter.

Olaf Schäfer

Very haunting surprise, easy to learn, always ready for a perfom


Easy, direct and effective. The colourful and well produced cards make this great value. Sometimes the simplest of methods have the biggest effect.

Giles Saunders

These are lovely cards and the trick is very easy to do and well taught (as usual) from Peter. I'd love for Alakazam to produce these cards as a complete deck (subtle markings as well).

Mark Call

Nardi is a genius! This lil' packet will make you look like a 'know all' mind freak! So simple yet packs a powerful punch! Thanks for bringing these out Alakazam.

David Durose

Absolutely love these. Really simple in terms of the method whilst giving maximum effect to the spectator.

Richard Challenor

Again, another great effect. Brilliant as an opener to lead into something else that uses 'mind control'! So simple, yet so irresistibly nice to perform.....its mind blowing to lay people. Timed correctly this is better than any £200 spent on electronics!

Steve Justice

thanks peter, this effect is so simple but so amazing and very easy to perform i love it. fits nice in my ID wallet with esperfect and will to read.

Anthony Roberts

I Love this effect, and I've been performing it for years, with a different variation which I enjoy using. Simple fact... It absolutely "fries" any audience, especially if you're so inclined to perform it numerous times for the same audience... The subtlety is so very strong, "lay people" can never reverse engineer it, as long as it's performed correctly!

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