Navigator by Reese Goodley

Navigator by Reese Goodley

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From the creative mind of Reese Goodley comes his debut effect, Navigator. 

With foreword and contribution by Peter Turner. 

Have you ever wanted to be able to divine the exact country someone is merely thinking of, entirely prop-less - with complete ease? 

Now you can. 

With very little process and without anything ever needing to be written down, you will be able to quickly and effortlessly divine a thought-of country - using nothing but your words and the mind of your spectator to make it work! 

This all takes place within a theatrical frame that makes logical sense to those who witness your performance. You will leave your audience completely dumbfounded! 

It's simple, elegant and the work is over in a moment - yet, the amazement will last a lifetime! 

We are pleased we were able to convince Reese to finally share what only a few in his close circle were in on previously - it really is that good! 

It would be a shame if others didn't have a chance to know about this, too. 

Now it can be yours! 

The book is printed beautifully by Steve Haresign at Haresign Press. 

Here are a few comments from those who were lucky enough to be trusted with its secrets early on: 

"Reese's take on prop-less mentalism is both ingenious and comprehensive. The Navigator routine itself is very well thought through and the method is implemented beautifully." 
- Darren Woolf 

"Reese has created a solid system for divining a thought-of country, entirely propless - that others will delight over." 
- Fraser Parker 

"Those who have met me know I am a fan of 'get-to-know-you' effects - such pieces must, in my definition, be: prop-less, appealing, should involve the spectator's own senses and their imagination, be relatively quick to perform and have a good hit ratio. Navigator definitely fits the bill. Thumbs up Reese!" 
- Phedon Bilek 

"I've only ever said this about one effect before, but Navigator is 'Mental Tap', so it gets an 11 out of 10 from me!" 
- Mick Wilson

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Customer Reviews

Oliver Mcmanus

I purchased this from Reese as I fell in love with the idea of the routine. This was one of the greatest investments I have made as it is so simple to read and digest all 3 variations of the effect. Reese truly has created a propless mirical, the idea is simple and very creative, he really has left no leaf unturned. This is such a powerful piece that can be used standalone or as part of an existing routine. Reese too is an amazing performer, creator and honestly one of the most genuine and nicest people I have ever met, he is always on hand if any help is required and always loves to see what people can come up with using his material. In my opinion Navigator isn't just an effect or a routine it is more like a tool to help create miracles. I read it once and already have multiple uses to take current performances to a whole new level. Thanks Reese, can't wait to see what you do next

Peter Parks

Is there anything I can say about this truly amazing effect that hasn’t already been said? Probably not, but, here are my thoughts. The book itself is a thing of beauty, from the cover to its secret contents. It’s very well written, easy to follow and more important easy to perform. I just love it. If you don’t already own a copy, please buy it right now, I promise you, this is something you will use and you will be thanking Reese for releasing the effect. I just hope this isn’t the last release from this creative writer, Reese Goodley


Absolutely fanta-bloomin-tastica-rooni!! Seriously this is very very good, if you at all like the sound of this then I can’t see you being disappointed. You can tell this has been worked and used, it’s so well thought out and multiple versions are Included, all of which are great. No airy fairy unworkable pipe dreams here, this is workable, useable, propless anywhere anytime material. Love it!!

Simon Grounsell

Fantastic effect. Straight forward for your audience, and reliable for you as a performer. Propless effects aren’t normally my style but this is great. Can’t reccomend it enough.

Bryan Robson

A very impressive method with several ways to deliver. You will blow people away with this and there is no need to reset anything, can de done instantly. Great effect. I will be using this for many years!

Kevin Peel

I love this. It is a thing of beauty. Reese has put together a work with a narrative that hold the attention. It is quick and easy to learn with very little memory work giving the performer room to concentrate on the presentation rather than the intricacies.

Anthony Hawkins

Reese had provided a really neat and totally propless piece of Mentalism. Much of my work these days is proposes so this original really welcome - and it works. Divine a place and a landmark with no trail. Excellent originality.

Preston M Heller

Mine arrived today. I read halfway through (finished the first variation) and stopped to post this. It is a fine piece of work that is clearly explained with much detail. Yes, Reese borrows a couple of ideas/techniques from others (and gives full credit where it is due), but that in no way diminishes what is accomplished with Navigator. The directions are crystal clear and when learned you will be able to focus on your presentation. The scripting (given in full) is quite complete. In addition, Reese provides two additional variations to his original scripting. My performance schedule is light in the summer (by design), so I will have ample time to learn this cold before my next show in two weeks time. Congratulations, Reese. Keep 'em coming. Preston

Mitchell Kettlewell

I’m very impressed! I ordered this on release day, it arrived two days later - often times it takes creators a while to get the product to the customer! That was my initial positive impression. That impression remained consistent when reading Navigator too. Navigator is very simple, and very clever in nature. I’m confident that this will be foolproof. With very little memory work, you’ll be able to go out and nail countries that your spectators are thinking of. I look forward to going out and trying this!

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