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Night At The Casino John Carey Download


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The response to John Carey's Night At The Casino  (which we featured on our Alakazam Live) has been fantastic! 

Both Alakazam and John have had so many calls, emails, and social media messages asking when it will be made available. 

Well, we have some great news for you! John has decided to release this great effect as an instant video download exclusively through Alakazam Magic!

On this explanation video John leaves absolutely no stone unturned teaching you everything you need to know including all the subtleties that make this effect such a fooler!.  

Peter Nardi is also on hand to add a few ideas to the proceedings.

Download A Night At The Casino and start learning this killer effect right now!

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Customer Reviews

Absolutley brilliant effect ,very very easy to perform and the reactions you get are amazing .
one of the best effects ive seen in years
Mark Call
Mind Frying SIMPLICITY! Whoa, when I watched John do this on the LIVE it fried me, just like it did Peter. Watching the explanation - I could NOT BELIEVE how simple the method is. With John's recommendations on subtleties, you will use the method to create many effects. Peter's alternate handling is BRILLIANT also.. this should be priced WAY HIGHER as the SIMPLE KNOWLEDGE is gonna be priceless to you.
Alan White
An amazing effect and like everyone else I was fooled badly. I cannot rate this highly enough. Great job, John Carey.
Excellent routine and additional suggestions from John and Peter. The method has lots of potential for your own inventiveness - I am using a casino chip with the reveal on the other side so it can be introduced and in view from the start without the spectator being tipped what is going to happen.


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