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No Chance by Spelmann and Nardi


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No Chance (DVD and Props)

by Marc Spelmann and Peter Nardi 

No Chance is a principle that has been used by a select few Mentalists for many years. 

Peter Nardi & Marc Spelmann now bring you this hard to find prop together with a DVD featuring routines, tips & ideas on the use of this great little utility. 

The DVD is over 1 hour and includes routines for the close up, stand-up & even stage performances! 

Itís time to start gambling but remember "some bets you just can't lose!" 

The package includes the following:

 3 X custom manufactured "No Chance Dice"

3 X Matching Regular Dice

Instructional DVD

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Customer Reviews

Steve Black
I know this is from the back catalogue but the gimmicks are great and the teaching superb ( Peter and Mr Spelman always make the process entertaining) The main routine is superb and really simple. Highly recommended !!!!
Alan Lycett
Thanks to the team for instant dispatch of my
To be fair Peter virtually tells you what you are getting on the blog so was no surprise when it
Nice effect and excellent DVD perhaps slightly
overpriced but the fact it was free shipping
virtually compensates for that.
Another reason price was a little steep was the
fact that in the DVD we see Mr Nardi with almost
a full head of hair so we must are paying for that
Joking apart I have tried this on a few people and
it has worked 100 per cent so I am confident
it will continue in this way. Have a few betcha
routines and will add this to the list.

Very simple to do and as mentioned in the blog
you really can`t lose, a nice entertaining trick.

Steve Walsh
Take a chance with No Chance , brilliant,many routines to satisfy everyone.Guaranteed outcome,no worries.Very happy.


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