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Opening Minds DVD by Colin McLeod


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This exciting new DVD set was launched at the 2010 MindVention in Las Vegas and has received fantastic reviews including one from Joe M Turner in the Feb 2011 Genii
Combining his very modern sensibilities for cutting-edge prop-free methods with a clarity of performance that leaves audiences speechless with wonder, Colin has developed a repertoire of contemporary mentalism which is the envy of all who’ve seen it.

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Customer Reviews

Raymond Doetjes
I have been a fan of Colin's thinking since he appeared last year in Psychological Subtleties III. After seeing his lecture at Psycrets I was very interested in his work.

He delivers that perfectly on this superb DVD set. A young man with a brilliant mind. You must see him in action and this DVD shows Colin in his prime!

Colin is a top notch performer and he's honest and that shows on this DVD. Absolute workable and applicable stuff for any mentalist act you can find something on this set and especially when you like working with psychological subtleties than this is a must have!

One note but that's editorial. I'd much rather see a whole performance and then the explanations because that raises the expectation so much more. However it doesn't do harm to this wonderful product.
Jonathan Nicholson
A huge ammount of viewing pleasure with some ingenious thinking from a great performer. All the material is 100% useable and packs a huge punch. the explinations are clear with additional angled shots for clarity where needed. If your new to mentalism or just want to add something different to your act this is a must even the more experienced mentalists will get something from this superb volume. Seriously Reccomended !
Adam Hogwood
When I first put this DVD on, it felt reminiscent of a conversation with my mum - lots of what I thought was uneccesary talking, but that was a complete misconception. Being very new to mentalism, I wasn't appreciating all the subtleties that Colin has thought of, tried & tested and now shared on this set.
I was lucky enough to be at the show where this was filmed (that's my little shiny head reflecting the light occasionally...) and I can only advise you to go and see Mr McLeod perform as it is a truly great experience from a genuinely enthusiastic nice guy!
Whether you're looking to expand your mentalism skills or dip a toe in, this set will certainly have a lot for you and may even give you the 'mentalism bug'!. VERY useable and adaptable routines and ideas.
steve sibson
Well worth the money there is somethink for every one on these dvds and very well presented buy and enjoy , you will not be dissapointed thank you Alakazam
i absolutely love this box-set. It comes with 4 dvds with the performance and then exlanation of each effect. I love Colin's stage material on this especially his newspaper test! His close-up material was good enough but wasn't the main highlight of this box-set...All in all though i hope you don't buy this because i want it all to myself and it is professional material too! But if you like even one routine on it you will get your money's worth!! Thanks Colin!
Kristoffer Lindén
Its a Great mentalism dvd.


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