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Perspex Prediction by Rob Bromley


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Iíve managed to talk my good friend Rob Bromley into making me a limited number of his Incredible Perspex Prediction.  This in my mind is a super opener for any show and even as a packs flats stand up piece for the close up performer (if you want to start or end your show by getting everyone involved)

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Customer Reviews

Bert Van Dyck
The combination Alakazam and Rob Bromley kills !!! This trick is 21 years old and what a good idea to release this again. Maybe a good idea for other forgotten classics. As the demo shows, it can be performed close up but preferable with an audience so you can use a balloon or prop of paper to choose a spectator for making the free choice. This kills !!!! Top quality
Dazza B
I'm being nit-picky here, but feel that, for a trick costing this much, I can afford to be. The Perspex plate in the demo video here is identical to the one I've supplied with, which means there is what looks like a circular smudge on it, slap bang in the middle of the lower four numbers - and I've had people question it and their attention drawn to it, asking "what's that there? Is it something to do with that?" which just slightly detracts from what is otherwise a very visual illusion - the impact made all the greater by giving the spectator the opportunity to change their minds about their selection - and it STILL matches the prediction. A nice illusion, just a shame that the Perspex plate isn't completely 'clean' - as shown in the demo film. (I don't know much about Perspex, so I am assuming this must be something to do with how these plates are produced).
Steve sibson
I have to agree with the last guy there is a round mark in the middle of the Perspex it dose not effect the trick but that should not be there for the price of this item .
Why is that there ?


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