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iChange Project instant interchange by Peter Nardi


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This effect is without doubt one of the easiest, most direct and cleanest cards in pocket transposition effects ever created.

**Perfect for the strolling, table hopping, close up or parlor magician

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Customer Reviews

Marc Spelmann
I know Peter is a good friend of mine but I genuinely cannot tell you how much he fooled me with this.. You are so far ahead it is crazy and you end so clean. Genuinely a great effect by Peter..
Duncan Smith
It's amazing how infrequently Nardi disappoints. So, if you've seen the demo, you know that this is very visual and looks very clean. I can tell you that it really is as clean as it looks. There are no real sleights to have to worry about... you just need to get the proper handling down. The best part of all is that you end completely clean and examinable. Generally, with packet effects consisting of gaffed cards, you're not left in a position where you can openly display the cards when you're finished; with this effect, you can.

When you combine this clean finish, with the ease of handling, and the great reactions you'll get, this one's a no-brainer.
This is brilliant, and so clean! People love this effect because of the visual, impossible, fast change of card right under their noses!! You end clean, everything can be examined, no chance to detect if performed well, and very good angles!! This is not JB-Magic trash, where nothing can be examined like in Slither, this is the best pocket trick after "Bring me to the head of packet trick" by mark elsdon... :-) Buy this...
Duncan Pallant
This is genius once again another master piece from Peter. This truly can be summed up in 1 word MAGIC. The fact that you end clean at the end is just beautiful. If you haven't already got 1 then don't hesitate buy 1 today.
Michael Critchley
A Seriously Strong Card to Pocket Transposition effect.

Super Clean and Easy to perform.
Steve Lobley
This is another great product from Alakazam. What I love about most of the products are the alternate handlings and presentations. With i-Change you have to look at the collectors handling it really is awesome. Well done Peter...
Peter Donnelly
Even as a relative beginner, this is so easy to use and the result is amazing. Walking away with Jaws still dropped and confused faces left behind is a great feeling. Thanks Peter
Tony Walker
Brilliant. I am pretty scathing of tricks that are all hype. This one isn't. I rest my case
Scot Jerram
I love this routine, extremely visual and ends pretty 'clean'. After a few tests the reactions have been great! As usual the tutorials are first class and alternative handlings provide great value for money. Highly Recommended
Dean Humpage
This is the type of effect perfect for finishing off your victims as you leave the gig, it just says you are truly an awesome magician as you hand out a few last buis cards before you say goodnight,the best closer surely ..


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