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Proteus By Phedon Bilek


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* Please note that a supplementary PDF is included with this product covering some additional thoughts and uses in other languages. To access this, please navigate to the section of your account marked Downloads and enter the code located on the top of your invoice ( which arrives via email ).


Coming from a purely sleight-of-hand background, Phedon designs PRACTICAL methods that actually WORK, leaving no space for approximation. 

After having witnessed Proteus, spectators have no other alternative than to truly believe they have witnessed the Real Thing. They are asked to FREELY think of a drawing, ANY drawing, and despite impossible odds the mentalist KNOWS EXACTLY what they have in mind. All the time. 

Do you still use a peek in your drawing duplications? Do you still resort to math-based and other lengthy error-prone processes to be able to call your prop-less effect "reliable"? Or, do you settle with methods that MIGHT work as they rely on psychology/suggestion/luck? Well, think again. 


  • is 100% Prop-less and Impromptu
  • requires only a FAST and INVISIBLE procedure
  • does NOT require highly intelligent or sober spectators. It works on kids!
  • NEVER confuses the participant
  • is FUN and EASY to do
  • is what mind reading SHOULD ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE
As a bonus, Phedon has included his billet routine, "Heads I win Tails you lose," packing really small -you need 2 billets- and playing HUGE on audiences of any size. 

Furthermore, in addition to English, Phedon has developed the method in FrenchSpanishItalian and Greek, and will send it to anyone buying the book upon request. For free of course. 

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Customer Reviews

John Kubiszewski
I first tried Proteus on myself using the book... OMG The book told me what I was thinking of.

I have had Proteus for 2 days and already performed it on 4 amazed clients.

It is a joy to perform and not at all difficult to learn. Phedon is a genius. I can not wait until his next release because I will snap it up
Dr. Mike Highton
That's it I'm off to a Croft farm in Scotland to talk to the animals and then a brief stroll across a nearby loch!!!!
And then I shall take a long lie down in a darkened room to contemplate further the meaning of life and magic.
This effect is as good as it gets in terms of practicality, ease and 'naturalness' of use. It is clear, concise and imaginative in its teaching, charming and elegant in its presentation; and above all thoroughly entertaining.
What a joy learn and perform.
Congratulations Phedon.
Edward Phillips
Proteus is a thing of absolute beauty. It is not just an effect but a dynamic strategy. An approach that can be shaped and built on to suit your needs. And you should shape it and work on it. This will involve you working to get really good at it and it will be worth it.

I had the fortune to speak with Phedon and have the effect demonstrated in person over a video call. Such a great gift. He showed me how he has invisibly embedded the work of this piece into a delivery that makes it feel incredibly clean. I wish I could say more but I don't want to give anything away.

I heard some criticism from certain people and I really have to wonder what these guys are on and what they are looking for. Anyone with a brain will totally love this.
Jim Lawson
Learned this and tried first time on my wife and son. My wife imagined a snowman and my son imagined a chair.


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