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Royal Command By Nick Langham


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A thought of card risers from a deck. Totally Amazing and almost self working!
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Chris Harding
Royal Command
by Nick Langham

8 gaffed cards and 35 min. instructional DVD. £19.99

Reviewed by Matthew Field in THE MAGIC CIRCULAR

In February 2008 I gave a great review to member Nick Langham's trick "Ascension". Nick has taken the same idea and expanded it. Any court card is selected (and Nick has some clever ways to narrow things down to the court cards, as well as enabling you to involve more than one person). The freely selected card rises from the deck. All your fingers are visible.

Alakazam's chief Peter Nardi showed me this in Blackpool after Nick told me about at The Magic Circle's Dealers' Day in November, and I was not disappointed when I saw it. It is not entirely self-working, but it is pretty easy. The gaffed cards provided are added to your own deck, and you can't just palm them on and off (at least I can't). The trick can be repeated.

There is a 35 minute DVD in which Peter Nardi and Nick explain the trick, and a variation which is a diary effect. A PDF for the diary set up is included on the DVD.

This is simple, effective, and very visual.
EXCELLENT!!! i use this all the time. very easy to use and always goes down incredibly well. the method sugested to force any face makes laymen generaly feel they have a free choice. i love it


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