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SMOKE 2.0 by Alan Rorrison


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Produce a cloud of smoke - from your mouth - on command. An ALL-NEW version, five years in the making.

What's new in this edition? It WRITES. Perfectly. No switching.

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Customer Reviews

Darren Bane
How could they possibly have made Smoke any better? The answer was clear: remove the need for any switches. And that's what they've done. This Sharpie works and provides you with the means to make smoke. Stunning.
Graham Hickman
I purchased smoke from Alakazam magic and was not disappointed,the kit is full of spares which should keep you going for a very long time.The actual gimmick is superbly made, it is a little expensive but worth it's cost if you have some nice routines to fit it in to. I personally use it when i perform French Kiss card transposition,the end kicker is signed card from mouth but with the added bonus of the smoke. in that routine..This Rocks
Joel Bentley
So my first gimmick wouldn't charge. I sent it back and received a replacement which also doesn't charge! Have requested another replacement so hopefully this will actually work! For a product at this price one would expect some quality control! Have a look on other site and you can see this a reoccurring problem.


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