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Simply Carey By John Carey Streaming Video

Simply Carey By John Carey Streaming Video
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John has established a worldwide reputation for his streamlined approach to powerful and practical commercial close up card magic.


He is in constant demand for workshops and lectures both home and abroad. We are delighted that he has given Alakazam 3 never before published card effects from his vast repertoire.


1. Just Wild! Carey's super practical and strong approach to the wild card theme. Minimum of work, maximum impact!


2. Remember and Forget. John's approach to the classic Hofzinzer plot with a reason for the spectator to forget a card. Simple, powerful and practical.


3. Finnell as I Finnell! If you like the classic do as I do effect, you will love this. Totally self working and makes your spectator the star.


Go grab a deck of cards and work your way through these little gems. You will not be disappointed!

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