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Soccer Star By Ade Gower


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Never under estimate the power a great card reveal will have on your spectators!

Ade Gowers Soccer Stars is a brilliantly fun card reveal. Based on the modern day classic effect "All Star Slugger” by Orin and Craig Shemin and released with full permission from Meir Yedid.

Ade Gower has designed the perfect aged looking Soccer Stars collectors cards.

Each set comes complete with custom designed Soccer cards, custom reveal cards and access to the full tutorial video which includes bonus routines and handlings by Peter Nardi, Dave Loosley and Harry Nardi

Soccer Stars is super easy to learn and perform, even for the absolute beginner.

We know this will become one of your favourite effects to carry with you and perform everywhere.

You will absolutely love soccer stars!

Order yours now!

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Customer Reviews

Steve Black
A VERY easy and simple football themed effect. The card stock is nice and will last a life time. The instructions are clear and well shot. As Peter says a simple card reveal can be powerful to a lay audience. Excellent value !!
Kevin Peel
Having performed this several times now I can honestly say the reactions are wonderful, the look on the spectators face when you do the final reveal makes this worth every penny.
Mark Call
What a beautiful set of props that actually pass muster as a REAL collector card... A + quality but add in Harry Nardi's BONUS routine and his personal subtleties and you have a true WINNER and something different that will fit in your pocket! Thanks H.. Brilliant!

Thanks to the Alakazam TEAM for always adding the lil' EXTRA to the VALUE!


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