Stealth Assassin Master Class And Q And A

Stealth Assassin Master Class And Q And A

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Join Peter Nardi and some special guests on this live Stealth Assassin Master Class and Q & A.

This peek wallet course runs for almost 4 hours and is packed with routines and tips to help elevate your peek work.

Whether you own an Stealth Assassin or any other peek wallet this course is for you and the best part is it’s FREE!!

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Customer Reviews


Great discussion ordered the Mayfair straight after the class. I have the black version but this revitalised my thoughts on it. Hoping it's as good as it looks

Dean Humpage

Owned an assassin for years now carry it everywhere,love this academy special its probably my most used utility i have so what i learn tonight is valuable and will be used thank you very much i shall continue being a part of the alakazam support group for years to come thanks again Deano.

Ben Brannan

This has made me fall involve with my Stealth Assassin all over again. I've owned several SAW over the past 10 or so years, I always carried it with me as I always had several routines to go to. Over the past 2 or 3 years, I've had other wallets as my everyday wallet, but after watching tonights Masterclass, I've realised that they aren't as versatile as the SAW, and seeing some new ideas and nuances, I'll be going back to it for my everyday use - I might even treat myself to a new Mayfair edition! Thanks Peter and Marc (and guests) for a great show

Trevor Sampson

Don't own or use a wallet although finding this very interesting , great way to introduce people to wallets and finding the possibilities

Alexander Ross

This session was fantastic the wealth of information and ideas that were discussed and the methods for using the Stealth Assassin for so many presentations is worth every minute. I would suggest that if you could only buy one wallet the Stealth Assassin should be your first consideration.

Scott Clark

What an amazing course, the guys seem to be carrying on from the DVD. Great amount of content. The sent in videos, are full of content and and well informed. Not had my wallet for that long, but it has worked well for me, when not expecting to perform it has a good 15 to 20 mins of performance in it. The mayfair version is on my to buy list, might wait to Blackpool,after Peters little teaser.

Steve Black

What a great evening !! Peter and Mark make a great team because they have so many ideas and tips which just increase as the banter grows. The product is superb quality and essential for any serious mentalist. The routines are great and are worth a considerable sum. The production values are fantastic.

Eamon Doohan

A classy educational and funny q and a session from two masters of mentalism for a classy product designed to help you read and influence peoples minds.


Don't have a SAW yet but after having a peek at this Academy, you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be the 1st thing on my letter to Santa Claus....(how many sleeps is it till Christmas?)

Gary Alexander

I'm watching this live from my Home in France. As expected, an excellent presentation, of Routines and demonstrations for using the SAW by the guest speakers along with the as usual, excellent Peter and Marc double act covering everything you need to know from SAW basics, to advanced use. Their jazzing and freewheeling of ideas and practical performance tips alone make the viewing a must for everyone who wants to get the most from their SAW and their Mentalism performances. WELL DONE !!!

Brian Stewart

What a great night with plenty of fun jamming from Peter and Marc giving loads of information, ideas and thoughts on using the superb Stealth Assassin Wallet also great input from Dan Ives and Sean Goodman. Anyone who hasn't already purchased an Alakazam academy course before will now have a far better idea of what they are really missing. As usual many thanks to all at Alakazam.

Mick Wilson

Ok, so it's break time in the Q&A so a review of the show so far. An abundance of top tips and valuable advice from Spellers and Nardi and if that wasn't enough, 2 superb routines submitted from SAW owners. Dan Ives and Sean Goodman's routines are brilliant. There is still a long way to go with the 2nd half but my head is awash with ideas all inspired from what I've seen so far. The chat room is really buzzing with ideas and top tips too. There is no better place to be spoiled for material for this wonderful piece of kit. Get this booked now to enjoy now if you're not too late, it is worth every last penny.

Dr Rob

What can I say - I am always proud to be a member of the Alakazam community when Peter and the team run nights like this ! And all for no charge too. We have learnt everything we could ever need to know about the Stealth Assassin Wallet including additional routines from Dan Ives and Sean Goodman both which were absolutely fantastic. If you get the chance to still grab a ticket for this - Peter maybe even be more generous and make it available again - You must even if you dont even think this is for you I guarantee that something will be beneficial to you if your a working magician/Mentalist or even a hobbyist. Thanks to all of the Alakazam team and Marc Spelmann. Best Dr Rob

Steve Lobley

I use my SAW daily and now have a load more great ideas. This is the one thing I will never leave out of my pocket, safe in the knowledge that I can do a good set at a moments notice and have done many, many times. Cheers Guys

Steve Justice

thankyou so much for the information tips and tricks on the SAW. i have learnt loads of stuff tonight that i will be using. FANTASTIC MASTER CLASS. well done Alakazam team..

Peter Morrissey

Shall I be one of the first here? Why not! What a wonderful resource. I sometimes forget there are other people who spend their time thinking of such things. Marc's tip about the two business cards was such a wonderful sneaky deceptive move, it's such things that bring a smile to my inner bealzabob. This wallet and s so versatile I need to take notes and write it all down. I shall be in the que for the new brown SAW as soon as I save my penny's! Great work, love it. Peter M

Andrew Hadley

love every second, full of jam packed ideas and more and it was like a friends reunion watching Peter and Marc bantering like the 2 DVD set you get with this amassing wallet. thanks guys.

Alistair Brien

An excellent evening on how to use the SAW.Particularly helpful film inserts of routines giving loads of good ideas and variations in using the wallet. Many thanks!

Jason Dicks

If you haven't got this wallet yet just buy it. This academy has already given me 2 new ides/routines to use with the wallet. Fantastic

Dave Durose

Carlsberg don't do academies but if they did they'd look a bit like this.

Lindsay Sharpless

Great Academy! This was a great Academy everything has so far been explained so well and everything has been so useful

Neil Bird

This session on the Stealth Assassin has been amazing. So many gems and working material to consider. Marc and Peter share insights into their working material using this beautifully made wallet. ***** 5 Star ***** Academy Session.

Brad Baker

Just as entertaining as the DVDs. New subtleties along with a terrific overview/recap of the wallet.

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