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Stealth Assassin Mayfair Edition Full


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Peter Nardiís world famous Stealth Assassin, the weapon of choice for some of the worlds finest mentalists has been given a cosmetic facelift. 

The Stealth Assassin Mayfair Edition is the first product to get the gorgeous Alakazam London Collection treatment.  

The new SAW Mayfair Edition has been manufactured in high grade brown leather which is complemented with dark brown lining (the combination of the brown leather with the dark brown lining is pure perfection)  

Designed for the elegant performer. The Mayfair Assassin oozes style and sophistication and shows you have great taste in your accessories.

Packed with all the features you have grown to love about the Assassin but now with so much more class!

The original Assassin is perfect for those impromptu performances (which is just what Peter designed it for) but the Mayfair is design for the more formally dressed mentalist and wonít look out of place being remove from the pocket of your slick looking, sharp suit. 

Peter originally released 100 brown Assassin when he launched the original Assassin wallet and all apart from 5 sold out in super fast time.  The remaining five were kept as Peterís private reserve.  Now you too can own one of the best Mentalism wallets to ever hit the magic and Mentalism markets in the new cool brown Mayfair Edition. 

Itís time to up your game and up your style with the new Stealth Assassin Mayfair Edition. 

Comes complete with

The Stealth Assassin Mayfair Edition 

The original Assassin tutorial DVDs featuring routings by Peter Nardi and Marc Spelmann (many have said these are the best instructional DVD's on a Peek wallet ever created)

A brand new streaming video with tips, routines and handlings. (delivered to your Alakazam account on the 11th August)

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Customer Reviews

Eamon doohan
A classy wallet for the discerning mentalist or just somone who wants a product that will help them to read minds and influence people and impress and fool and entertain.


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