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Stealth Assassin V1.1 Wallet by Peter Nardi

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This is Peter Nardi's updated version of the bestselling Stealth Assassin

The Stealth Assassin V1.1 has all the great features of the original but now with an extra pocket on the SUC side of the wallet and the magnets are now stitched in place!

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Customer Reviews

Steven Conlon
An absolute work of sheer genius. A complete act in your pocket. If you are thinking of getting a wallet to assist you in your magic then this is the one.
Tony Razzano
This is the one wallet I carry with me all the time. I use it as my everyday wallet and have for a couple of years now.rnrnYou can do a lot with it and Peter Nardi and Marc Spellman show you everything you need to know about the wallet and several excellent routines on the accompanying and comprehensive pair of DVDs.rnrnI only use it for two things, but its all I need. The point is, you have a choice of several ways in which the wallet is gimmicked to use as the situation arises.rnrnOne of the best items in mentalism.
Sean Galloghly
The absolute BEST purchase I have ever made!! Totally echo everything that has been said before... the possibilities are virtually limitless!
Luca Volpe
This is THE WALLET!!!
I don't leave home without this, and I can easy do a 20 minutes show just with the wallet!
High quality props and clever construction.Can easy hold money, business cards, credit cards etc...
I will soon buy another one to keep as spare, is too good!
Pete Sotekirk
STEALTH means: S-uperb, T-errific, E-xcellent, A-mazing, L-ove it, T-humps Up, H-olly mother f!@$!!..WOW!!! Peter And Marc...I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
John Papadimitrou
This wallet is just great! It is the ultimate tool for every mentalist. It has endless possibilities and the routines by Marc and Peter are great! The best thing about it though is that it can be your everyday wallet without arousing any suspition. I have it with me all the time in case something pops up. I highly recommend it! It is worth every penny and you won't regret buying it!!! :D
Worth every cent in it's price! I use only main routine & as wallet for money. Super simple to use and great reactions every time...
Is a must have for all mentalist out there. I have it with me as a everyday wallet for about 3 years and recently I brought another one for collection. Love it to the max and I'm sure there are more powerful effects that you can do with it.
Madeline Black
This is just superb. I have not been doing magic long and have been disappointed by some products from other suppliers BUT NOT WITH ALAKAZAM.Yes this is a big investment but the quality of both the product and the DVDs is fantastic.I watched the recent vblog with Peter & Dave after which i decided to buy, it is nice when you can trust a company to deliver what it advertises.If you are a mentalist this is a must!!!!!!! WELLDONE AGAIN!!!!!
Guido Claassen
By exception, I bought this tool (it's not a trick!) years ago just from the video ad.
After watching the dvd's I knew instantly this one was for me. Being a movie fan with a rather good memory for actors and movies, Hollywood or Bust was and still is a true miracle to perform. I carry it with me always as my daily wallet.
douglas jave
one of the best if not the best, a litle expensive for me but worth every penny, you wilol love it it contains a lot of magic in one place u will love it and you will carry it in your pocket all the time, its also a wallet, but a powerful weapon as youre ready all the time.. thank you guys fastastic job with this one..
Christian Fisanick
I should've bought a Stealth Assassin Wallet years ago! Let me tell you, if Nardi and company charged twice as much for this wallet and the two DVDs full of fantastic routines and ideas, it would still be well worth it. For mentalists, this is clearly the #1 wallet. That said, I am a mentalist but prefer carrying my beloved Infinity Wallet on a daily basis. The Stealth Assassin may be many things, but it's not really great as a day-to-day wallet, whereas the Infinity is perfect. In addition, to having ample space for driver's license, bills, and credit cards, I like the Infinity's indexing system because I can do both Chronologue and Heirloom. It's also a much bigger billfold so I can pack it with PowerBall 60 and Lotto Square. The peeks on the Stealth Assassin are killer, as are the holdout and OTL features and ability to pocket write, but I do like the Infinity's "confabulation" feature.

Now I guess I will be a two-wallet guy. Adding the Stealth Assassin to my arsenal, I can now read the minds of the world. :)
I was lucky enough to win this wallet in one of the LIVE shows.
Knowing how good it is I can honestly say it is worth every penny.
Thanks again Pete & Dave
Burt Ebel
I love this wallet. I carry it as my everyday wallet and highly recommend it. The quality is worth the price of the wallet alone. Within the first few days of owning this wallet and reviewing the DVD I was working with it and no one suspected the wallet was being used for anything other then a wallet to remove a business card from, or other. I carry "Will to Read" by Steve Dela and a few other effects in the wallet. The more you go into your wallet to remove a card, or effect the less conspicuous it look. To your spectators it's just a wallet.
Leslie Lawrenson
I was lucky enough to get one of the factory seconds for a ridiculously knocked down price - they sold out fast! I have the superb F1 and Aleph wallets, as well as the revised Heirloom wallet, and all are great for what they do.

With the Stealth Assassin, I have taken to using it as my everyday wallet, and it is superb! The peek is so natural and so easy.


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