SvenPad KoD Single Complete with Pen

SvenPad KoD Single Complete with Pen

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Introducing the SvenPad™ KøD ( 5 X 3" ),  a quantum leap in the world renowned SvenPad™ lineup. Take your performances to the next level – there is nothing else like it! Now comes complete with Pentel Energel Pen.

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Customer Reviews

Brett B

As the creator and manufacturer of the SvenPads I am a little biased, but the KoD SvenPads are truly the best pads we have ever made. They have an invisible glued seam and they handle like a Ferrari. You must decide if they are worth it to you in having a 100% hands-free, 99% sure fire force. These KoD pads were used last week on National TV in the USA. Use your imagination a little - go blow some minds:

Dean Humpage

Fair point steve about the price although it is the best on the market at the moment i have a morrisons price sticker stuck on mine for 75pence a little extra bluff,its the awesome power of this product when used properly e.g to force a magic square number etc theres no heat on the pad .i used a light pencil to mark the numbers on the pages then rubbed them off after the gig to remark again with a differant force leaving no imprint on the pages,..waiting for a 52 pager which would have to be 104 pages svenpad which could allow a decent ACAAN effect, great product include a soft pencil and rubber with the book to justify the price lol !! But seriously top marks .dean.

Steve Black

These are superbly engineered and look authentic. They are easy to use and do a fantastic job. I have no idea of the production costs BUT still regard this as overpriced especially when compared to similar products appearing on the market.

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