SvenPad Ultimate Edition

SvenPad Ultimate Edition

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If you like self contained practical mentalism effects then this is for you!

"I just got it. As with all Sven products the Ultimate Edition is top quality and an amazing effect on the other side. Thanks Brett Barry for all your innovation and hard work you put for the magic community."

"The quality of this prop is as great as you would expect if you're familiar with any of the other Sven products that Brett puts out. The fact that this item has multi-layered methodology to enhance the performance aspect and simultaneously obfuscate the methods used is worth 5 stars in anyone's review. There is nothing you won't like about this. Get it as soon as it's available."

"Did you hear the word incredible? Yes, you did, and please understand that I very rarely use that word about things in this industry. This is something very, very special. This also applies to the routine in three phases that comes with it. Entertaining, elegant and impossible to reveal."

"Just got a call from Brett, unbelievable how much you can do with this pad! This is The Mother of ALL Svenpads®  It's going into our show immediately!"

"Hands down the best pad I’ve seen yet. Brett is a genius! Multiple reveals can be performed over and over to the same audience with different outcomes! So clever, a 15 min show in your pocket.

"If like many, you’ve stared blankly at your (unused) Svenpads® wondering what the hell to fill them with, then your prayers have been answered. Brett has transformed an ordinary looking colouring book, and provided us with a multi-layered tool which builds beautifully to a climax which will leave your audience in no doubt of your telepathic skills."

Much, much more is going to be coming from this pad. There are ways to add even more layers of effects, and I'm sure new ideas will burst onto the user's group as performers get time with this in the trenches. It starts out way ahead of anything conceived for a tool like this, but it will continue to grow miles and miles apart from the also-rans, as it blossoms new angles and presentations from the minds of its users. 
Bravo Brett!

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Customer Reviews

Terry Tyson

Full disclosure - I've only performed once and did little practice. Picked this up from Peter at the shop after he demoed and loved it. I was so anxious to try it out on an audience that I made the bad decision to just learn it, put together a rough script and present it during a show I did on a cruise ship a few days later. DESPITE my rough handling, it absolutely knocked out my audience. And I only used one aspect of it...more to learn and use the pad in a few additional ways. My eagerness to just DO IT has waned because I want to really want to maximize its use and impact. I've got a major gig in a few weeks and this will definitely be a part of the act. It fits nicely into a routine I've already learned and I predict it will only make that routine stronger. Note: The method is easy, but to really get this to its full potential, WORK the prop and routine to get better results. Don't mistake its simplicity for the work you will want to put into it to make it shine. Highly, highly recommended.


This is just so good, at last a SvenPad that is so much more than a one trick pony. This, and the BIP Book, will go with me everywhere. Just get this, you will not be disappointed.

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