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System 88 by Docc Hilford


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System 88 is 60 pages of information that you MUST HAVE!
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Customer Reviews

Raymond Doetjes
Docc has taken an old PUA system and made it into something foolproof. And most of all it is also fun to perform an in any place at anytimes (well okay maybe not for funerals) kinda effect.rnrnPeople love to talk and hear about themselves and with this you fill that need.rnrnThe system-88 are actually two systems. The "Dessert Game" which I knew from the PUA scene and had landed me several dates in the passed --or should I be honest mere one night stands which in one occasion.... never mind, back to the subject. rnWhich is THE GREATEST TOOL in scoring work!!!rnrnI took some time to make a nice A4 folding brochure format of it with my details and logo on there which is a lot nicer than the supplied version to be frank. This brochure (and all the thanks goes out to Docc) has scored me 4 high paying gigs during the first weekend I did it at a tradeshow. This brochure and the personal information on it kicks all the teeth out of the old-fashioned-chuck-in-the-bin-business-cards as a marketing tool. People seemingly hold-on to these pieces of paper like it's their life --and in a way it is, all their good and bad personal character trades are on there.rnThe system is absolutely foolproof, even when you are a mentalist without people skills... (I believe they call them magicians???).rn It is actually great fun to use the system as a backbone and branch out into other personality trades of the person. Being so involved with your (potential) customer creates great rapport and you are really leaving a lasting impression.rnrnIt's not often that I am raving about a product but this is one of them. rnrnThe down-loadable version is in my opinion what you want to buy.
Tim woodbridge
I liked the book it gave a few helpful hints especially how to open someone. The tick sheet it alright I will never use it. That however might be down to me as a performer because it just isn't my style. As much as I like the book it is very very over priced. You could buy the book 'the cube' for less than 10 and have a better understanding of the cube.


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