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Tap Transpo by Smagic Productions


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A modern and elegant touch on the classic Two Cards Transpo plot. The spectator's signed card and your own favorite card are placed inside two separate black envelopes. Each envelope has a crystal clear window cut out so that the card can be seen at all times. 

The envelope with the spectator's card is placed on their palm. You hold onto the envelope containing your card. Then, the magic begins. You give a little tap to the spectator's envelope with your envelope. Instantly and visually, the two signed cards have magically changed places while you and the spectator are still holding the envelopes in your hands! 
  • Some assembly/construction required.
  • Extremely visual, with no hiding or covering. 
  • Can perform while completely surrounded. 
  • Both cards are in full view and are face up the entire time. No folds. No turning the cards or envelopes face down. 
  • Easy to setup and perform. 
  • The magic happens in the spectator's hands. 
  • Instant reset. 
How many card transpo effects can boast of all the above? 

This is Tap Transpo. Grab one now!
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Customer Reviews

Steven Nash
Nice little effect. Good that the envelops are constructed for you even though the download shows you hove to put them together. Wasn't too happy about making up the final part of the gimmic that is very fiddly. Put the time in and you have a good effect.


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