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The 4th Key Booktest


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The Forth Key is the ideal book test to carry and perform at all times, and will be a dream to perform at weddings, anniversary's, Valentine's Day. In fact you can perform it anytime!.

Easy to perform, Learn in minutes, perform forever!
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Customer Reviews

Barry Harvey
It's difficult to review this as I don't want to give anything away. I will start by saying that I almost made myself look a right plonker when I got this book. I was on the verge of calling Alakazam to say they hadn't sent the instructions when I realised that the details are printed at in the last few pages of the book! Like most mentalism, the method is extremely cheeky and the handling means that nobody will ever look at the last pages anyway so don't panic. All I will say is that I've found this works best for me if I do the reveal very slowly. Just watch the subject's eyebrows climb further and further up their forehead and the eyes gradually get wider and wider with disbelief. If you can tear yourself away from the subject, you'll see that everybody else is doing the same thing as your subject! I've had a lot of fun already and can't wait to use this on my Valentine's Day gig.
paul morley
bought this trick for a valentines gig and it works wonders used it on several tables and got some great reactions. cant go wrong with this thumbs up.......


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