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The Chest of Nostradamus


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This is a fabulous and diabolically clever prediction. No amount of examination of the chest or cards will reveal the unique and original method.

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Customer Reviews

Carl-Johan Ericsson-Dusenberg
This is an ingeniously constructed chest suited forrnthe mentalist. I would gladly have paidrnthe double amount to be the only owner. Thernstrangest thing is, that there is no secret to findrnfor the curious. I strongly recommend the chestrnto the seriously working mentalist.rnrnDusenberg, the Swedish mentalist
Leon Rye
WOW, WOW, WOW, This is totally ingenious. Can easily fool magicians who do not know the trick. Especially as you remove the gimmick in front of their eyes and they have no idea that the gimmick is this.. To be honest you can even give them the gimmick and they still wont find out the secret.!!!!!! Can be examined totally... a standard 52 card deck is used and fools people even more. No slight of hand, self working.
Stephen Young
I must concur with both Leon and Carl, this is a very devious working. I performed it yesterday evening to a draw dropping crowd. Just amazing.
Alan Lycett
Thank you for your excellent service, was out of
stock at the time I ordered but received very
quickly none the less.
Had this 5 days now
1st day trying to understand instructions
2nd day slightly better understanding
3rd day beginning to see the light of day
4th day Eureka.
This is based on the fact when I received the
chest I spent a good hour trying to work out
how this could possibly work when all you get
is a wooden non gimmicked box and a
normal pack of cards. Finally gave in and opened
the manual and proceeded to learn the effect.
You will not learn this in 10 minutes, the method
is so so clever and you can understand how
many say they have no idea how it works.
As you proceed along the learning curve you have to
keep going over the manual to learn the different
stages that make the effect work.
I am confident with the effect now, not performed
it to anyone but I look back to day 1 and wonder
what all the fuss was about because it is a very
straight forward procedure.
Due to the expensive nature of the effect it is
good to expand on the basic trick, to get into
the situation of using an invisible pack of cards
will be nice to bring this about using the V DECK
and for the reveal you can use the supplied
envelopes but I have an old style John Kennedy
mystery box which exactly matches the finish
of the chest so they look part and parcel of each
other and can be placed down immediately as
your prediction for the reveal at the end. As soon
as they give you their thought of number you
know the card and you will have the card already
prepared with the m/f in your pocket.
Again none of this is necessary but just my ideas
and maybe of help to people who already have the effect or planning to purchase.
Fantastic effect in the Derren Brown class of
not a clue, expensive yes but with a bit of thought
you can expand on it and make it your own.
Chest very nice quality
Carry case very nice
Instructions very good but as I say you will have
learn in stages
nice gold coloured chain for hanging purposes

You can practice this and perform this thousands
of time and will never wear out or break, the only
thing you would have to renew is the normal
pack of cards when they get a bit tatty.

Cannot fault this as there really is nothing to see
or find and comprehend how this is possible.

The only thing that would improve this package would maybe be the addition of a dvd and this
would make the learning process a whole lot

p.s today I purchased a Banana Tree ????|


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