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The Code by Andy Nyman


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Andy Nyman's The Code is more than a method. It's a system you can use to create effects of your own, read minds, and blow people away.


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Customer Reviews

I really like this..... It gets great reactions and is easy to do. It's so flexible too. I've created a 5 phase routine culminating in a great prediction using the code in conjunction with an invisible deck....highly recommended.
The Code is brillant take no time to learn and will blow your audience away
Steve carter
Really like this - great DVD with good angles - plus Andy Nyman has a really soft style of presentation - I could listen to him all day.
Craig Whittaker
Great product and after 5 minutes of watching Andy explain you got it. So many ways to use this deck, close-up, stage, street, mentalism. Use the methods Andy teachers and you can then create your own effects with the principle of the Code. This is only limited my your own imagination.
if you are looking for a genious system then this is it I learnt I before I even put it in the dvd its that easy and the
cards are quite slippy ( mine slipped out of my hand and all around my floor
took a while but because of the features built into it you can reset it in minutes the choice of card is really free and the way the markings are designed it gives you time to reveal 2 cards in 1 go and finally TRUST THE TRAILER YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING AND MORE WITH THIS DECK . AND NOT FORGETTING THE WORLD'S CLEANEST ANY CARD AT ANY NUMBER ( by that I mean pick a card I will tell you the number of your card it is .. your number is 11 .Look the eleventh card is your card . my own idea the last one and I think alakazam SHOULD PUT AN EXTRA STAR ON THE WRITE A REVIEW BOARD FOR ONLY THIS PRODUCT AND DECOY
Steve Black
Just got this today. Superb DVD and a great system that is easy to do.Andy Nyman is great and even makes it fun to learn!!
Peter Rees
5 stars isn't enough.

This is going to be my standard 'go to' deck from now on.

BRILLIANT!!!! I have ordered several replacement decks to use moving fwd.
Outstanding product!!! Bought 2 of these in case i lose a deck, so easy to use and so very powerful. If you don't buy this deck you are missing out on so much! Andy Nyman is great magician and creator, nothing he releases is anything but brilliant.
Alan Barnett
Essential Purchase....... Double Deck dream Routine Superb. Everything Explained In Great Detail By Andy Nyman
Very well made, especially for lay audience. Also good for beginners.
Lot of possibilities with this deck of cards.. You have to find out wich routine is the best for yourself. My advice: your audience will go for a second round with this one, look out for that. Its possible , but try another routine to hide the secret.
Stephen Lovering
The Code has got to be the best card trick out there so easy to do


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