The Deceased By Jamie Daws

The Deceased By Jamie Daws

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An exploration of what is humanly possible. A separation of the living and the dead.

A chance for your spectators to experience something they have not nor will ever experience again.

At 8PM 10 people sat down to dinner, by 10PM 8 of them were dead.

Each guest murdered by two sadistic serial killers in one of the most disturbing cases of cannibalism ever reported. 

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Customer Reviews

John Nesbit

This product is perfect for the local history and seasonal atmosphere here in Western Massachusetts. So many old mansions with family stories and mysteries to work with. Great props and handling for this as well.

Tony Razzano

The Deceased is a fine effect that is easy to perform but can pack a wallop. The photo cards are top quality and durable so they will last a very long time.Jamie Daws has provided a fine routine that seems to lend toward the bizarre, but it doesn't have to. You can present this in any way you want. I am using it as a beginning effect to seance. You can customize this effect to offer a very light hearted nmessage if you so choose as it is customizable. Excellent effect! I thoinl it is underpriced.

Tom Lauten

Niiiice. Simple, direct, easy to perform. No complicated handlings. You will need to bear in mind some processes and rationalization but the DVD really helps with that, nothing problematic. Cards look very nice. I aged mine and they came out very well. Physically it's a very clean effect, you just need to lightly manage things for a while and again, the DVD gives great tips for that. At the end you are guilt free and can sit back and let the spectator rummage through everything...sweet.

Christian Fisanick

The Deceased is a nice routine with lovely old-fashioned photographs for the old "find the killers" plot. If I were being cynical, I would point out that it's basically a very nearly self-working card trick dressed up in a supernatural routine. (But there's no Olram Subtlety or any other sleight involved.) It is fairly easy to do, though there is some spectator management involved. It's effectiveness relies almost entirely on theatrics. The better the campfire story you tell, the better received this effect will be. If you like the plot, you'll like this a lot. It's a good routine for the money.

Terry Tyson

The method is clean and direct making your presentation the focus of the performance. The props are well made and the DVD instructions (including the bonus, streaming material that you'll receive) are easy to follow and of good quality. One of the bonuses you'll receive is how to age the cards to give them a mysterious quality. I found a vintage photo album to hold the photos as they are introduced as well as made a faux newspaper article to add a bit more atmosphere to the entire routine. In the hands of a good story teller, this effect is wonderful. Via con Deceased!


This is a great one for at home, bars or family. Very easy to do. But for the best result, the presentation is important. You need a good preperation, the story has to be good, to convince the spectator. The difficulty rating is one star, thats true, easy to perform. But with the presentation, for me, the rating is two stars! Recommended

Roger Kirby

brilliant effect.been booked for a local old pub in nottingham..thanks ..

Darren Bane

This is awesome. The spectator is convinced they are making a free, random, choice, relying on their "feelings" or sixth sense or whatever. But thanks to a short but very clear DVD instruction, the performer is in complete control. Easy to do, extremely effective - a great illusion.


very good routine. I will do it in french and adapt the story, The principle is quite simple. When I saw the preview, I found another way to do this effect before to receive all the cards. Many thanks !

Steve Black

I really like the premise of a 'Dark Series' and this is an excellent intro. The cards are beautifully made and the routine easy to perform.One phase requires that the spectator is fully engaged in the narrative so as not to notice a 'move' but Mr Daws is convincing when he says that if the performance is smooth it is not a problem and my limited experience with this leads me to agree with him. Good DVD and recommended !

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