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The GPS aka Regatta Deck by Steve Gore


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Steve Gore's absolutely incredible 'GPS' DECK is SO clever you honestly will NOT believe it!

The specially designed 'Regatta' deck is custom printed by the USPCC - the world leaders in playing card manufacture - and it's this very special design that allows you to locate ANY card in the deck quickly and easily! 

But, the WAY that information is revealed to you is UNBELIEVABLY CLEVER!

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Customer Reviews

Les Lawrenson
Purchased the deck from Alakazam and it was faulty - there was a misprint in the markings which made it impossible to read any card that was reversed in the deck. I did contact Alakazam and they wanted me to return the deck before they would send me another one. In the meantime, I wrote to Steve Gore via his website. He asked me to send him a photo of the faulty printing, which I did, and he send me another deck without any hesitation, and told me keep the faulty deck. Super support!

As for the deck, I love it! I also own the Butterfly Deck, which works on a very similar principle but with different markings. I love both.

Of the two, the GPS is the simpler deck, which has its advantages in some situations. As Steve mentions, in his excellent streaming video, the possibilities are immense with this deck (and the Butterfly deck). He teaches a few of his favourite routines to get you up and running, and there is an interesting discussion he has with Pete Turner which should provide you with further inspiration.

I like to perform mentalism with cards, and this deck is a great tool for that.

This deck is around £6 cheaper than the Butterfly deck, and that probably reflects the fact that this deck lacks one of the features built into the Butterfly deck. Unless you need the extra feature, this deck will be more than adequate for your needs, and I cannot recommend it enough at this price.


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