The Hidden

The Hidden

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This was the first trick that Andy Nyman has released through a dealer and at Alakazam, we are very proud that he chose us!


You demonstrate how you became dextrous as a magician using an exercise called 'Dead Cutting'.

This is the ability to cut a particular number of cards, you demonstrate by trying & succeeding to cut 12 cards clean off the deck. You then ask the spectators to have a try... 
A spectator is asked to place a coin, their wallet & their watch onto the table. They do so, placing them down in any order.
You explain that the objects are going to act as markers. You remove a deck of cards from your pocket and ask them to cut 10 cards off the top of the deck. They do & are instructed to place the pile in front of their coin.
You ask them to cut another pile, this time 12 cards, they do and this time the pile goes by their Watch. Finally you ask them to cut 15 cards, when they do it goes by their Wallet. You now admit to misleading them, you explain that the lesson is not about being dextrous, but about misdirection.
You explain that by giving them a difficult & specific task to concentrate on, it mentally moves them away from what is actually happening. The top cards of each pile are slid forward to the object they are by.
What would have happened if they had cut one card more or one card less in each pile?
The piles are now turned over to show standard playing card faces. The card cut by the coin is turned over, it says 'COIN', the card by the Watch says 'WATCH' & of course the card by the Wallet says 'WALLET'
The spectator goes pale & starts shaking. If the spectator is a young attractive woman, now would be the time to kiss her full on the lips!
When Andy Nyman performs this effect he uses a blank face deck for added effect or just purchase the hidden and add these to your standard bicycle deck.

Note: Hidden cards supplied in RED Bicycle back design

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Andy Richardson

Great trick, easy to learn

Luke Murray

Fantastic trick. simple, devastating, amazing

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