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The Kartis Visible Bill Change (DVD and Gimmick)


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The Kartis Visible Bill Change is one of the most ingenious and visible methods to turn a blank piece of paper into a bill that you will ever see.
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Customer Reviews

Barry Allen
If you are looking for a truly 'wow' visual transformation, then look no further than this outstanding effect.

What you get:
- An instructional DVD
- The gimmick - made with a real American Dollar Bill.

- As usual with Tango, you have a very well produced, instructional DVD.Clips of Mr Tango (Marcelo Insua) showing this trick in the real world on the streets of Argentina - check the audience reactions! The instructions are in Spanish or English and, as I've noticed with other Tango products, the explanations are so clear and precise, you can even learn them from the Spanish narrative! Mr Tango and the originator (Kartis) take you through every aspect of performance - with well thought out slow motion clips during the instruction phases, so that you can follow along with prop in hand.

Construction of the gimmick:
- As mentioned already, this comes with everything that you need there and then to practice with, then go out and perform. I don't dislike the fact that it's made with Dollar Bill - there's a wealth of patter lines that you can adopt to this end. Also, I never know why magicians in the UK always want to use sterling notes, only to then get out 4 half dollar coins and a deck of Bikes! I digress. If it was made in or Euros, then the price would need to reflect this so a dollar bill works fine for me.

How difficult is it to do?:
- Can you fold a piece of paper and flick your wrist? Then you will perform this effect with very little effort. However, you WILL have to work a little on your angles.

Time to reset:
- Literally 3 seconds; so it's great for table hopping.

Work it from:
- Either your hand as you approach a table or just as easily, take it from your pocket or wallet.

Where would it fit in a routine?:
- Anywhere really as once it's set, it's ready to go at any time. However, if table hopping, I can't think of a stronger, quick opener to grab people's attention.

Can it be examined?:
- Nope - but let's be honest, if we are performing magic for a living, should we really be wasting people's time handing around our props for inspection at a table anyway - in my experience this just slows down your performance and, in my view, isn't professional.

Critical Analysis:
- (i) I would have liked this to have been made with a better quality, sturdier blank paper - as I'll be using this regularly, I can see myself getting out the Pritt Stick frequently to make new ones.
- (ii) NOTE (no pun intended) that the DVD does NOT show you how to construct this effect from scratch - so I'd strongly recommend that you take some time at the outset to draw out how the gimmick is constructed! Maybe Tango could consider selling 'refills' upon proof of purchase via a code on the DVD? In any event, knocking one of these up from scratch (or changing the trick to meet your specification in Pounds, Euros, Lottery ticket version, etc. would take around 5-10 minutes.
- (iii) Angles - you will need to be aware of your angles if spectators are sitting and you are standing; it's not a major problem but there are just two momentary (literally split second) points in the performance when you need to consider holding the note a little lower -
on the DVD itself you see 2 'flashes' (but in fairness, these are during the explanation and not the performance segment).

Can I make this up in other formats?:
- Yep; as outlined above, it would take minimal time to customise this effect to suit your own individual needs.

Is this product worth the money?:
- Very much so; it's one of the most visual transformations I've seen in my 32 years of performing magic. This is NOT something that you will be putting in your drawer to gather dust. As with all Tango products, I'm delighted with this trick - despite the few criticisms outlined above.

Will I use it?:
- This is a 'real worker'; and will be going into my act this Weekend. I'd be really surprised if it doesn't fit somewhere into your current close up routine.

- A startling visual and magical transformation that really will give you 'wow moments' with your audience. The gimmick supplied is fine for me - but the concept can be easily custom made for your own requirements. The paper could be better quality but I envisage getting quite a few months worth out of this gimmick before making another.

Yet another creative masterpiece from Argentina!

Hope that my comments have been useful.


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