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The Kraken Case By Kieron Kirkland


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With the full permission of Mark Strivings, Kieron Kirkland and Daniel Young have adapted the SUC case to offer everything a mentalist needs at their finger tips in one pocket sized, slim wallet. 


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Customer Reviews

Jacob Smith
Looking the part of a professional is half of the work in turning your passion for magic, mentalism, hypnosis, ANYTHING into profit.

When I'm handed a 32pt business card that came from a stylish business card case by someone, I know they get it and place a lot of thought into their business. Likewise, if a prospect takes my card and just pocket it vs put it into a business card case with their cards, it says volumes.

Why do I say all this?

The reason is pretty simple; the Kraken Case is more than just another toy that you throw into the drawer and forget about. It is the way you frame what you do, how much you care for a potential clients business and how much you value your own based on how you treat the tools of your trade.

I'm not saying that people will react to your wallet, but deep down when you pull your business card out of a business card case instead of all smashed up with your credit card numbers subtlety imprinted into like it was shoved down the Death Star's trash compactor, they will understand you are a pro.

You get the smug feeling of knowing that and it has all of the tool that a working mentalist needs to put on a perfect impromptu performance (impromptu is in readiness, not gaff-less).

Rather than rant on, take a look at why the fine craftsmanship of the Kraken Case has made real difference in my networking. Unleash the Kraken!


P.S. I've even mentioned in the video how I am using this lovely device in my work to create raving fans on the fly.


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