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The Rising Cards By Rob Bromley (Red)


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This version of the classic Rising Card effect is hand crafted by the Master of playing card engineering Rob Bromley.

The gimmick is beautifully made and works with a super smooth action.

Imagine having one or even multiple cards selected and signed.  The cards are lost back in the deck and one by one they rise from within the centre of the pack. 

The Rising card effect is a classic of magic and it is practically self-working.

Comes complete with special rising card deck and full instructional DVD with routines and handling from Peter Nardi and Dave Loosley

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Customer Reviews

Dazza B
When Rob Bromley's name is attached to something, that's your 'quality assurance'; this is another well-crafted, high-quality prop. As Peter and David explain in the video, it's not the cheapest rising card gimmick on the market - and there's a good reason for that. This is seriously well made, and is seriously good value for money. Peter and David talk you through a really nice three-phase routine on the DVD to cap off another brilliant Bromley effect.
Eamon doohan
Beautifully made. Strong effect. Easy to do. Best of ts kind on market.
G. Bairstow
Received my excellent rising cards yesterday 11th Aug.
I keep the Ace Spades on top of the gimmick.
Perform it similar to Dave with a few false cuts & shuffles thrown in.
After placing the cards back in the box.
I mention that they freely selected two cards & thought of a third card.
But if I ask people to think of any card in the deck, what card do you think people choose the most? That's right the A.S. Revealing the Ace of Spades.
Then reveal remaining three cards using different routines.


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