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The Stealth Case Collector Edition by Magic Wagon


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This slick looking card case holds an incredibly simple yet devastating
secret that will allow you to acquire secret information with ease.

In fact The Stealth Case is so clever it does all the work for you!

Your spectator draws or writes anything on a business card, the card is
then placed between a stack of other normal business cards.

This is a true stack of separate business cards and not a block of cards with a hole in etc.

Now the whole stack is placed inside The Stealth Case and the lid is closed.

The Stealth Case is now shown from all angles proving that no peek holes exist.

Your spectator now sees you reach inside and remove the top card from the stack.

The Stealth Case is now closed and given to your spectator to hold
while you begin to read their mind with 100% accuracy!

The Stealth Case is perfect for almost any performing situation!

The Stealth Case, Collector Version is finished in metallic faux leather.

Comes complete with everything required including the special
laminated business cards which can also be reused.

Manufactured in 2018 by Magic Wagon Thailand.

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Customer Reviews

Alan Lycett
Exceptional service as per usual, dispatched
within a couple of hours of ordering.

Not having the original unit had no idea how
the peek was revealed other than it sounded
impossible. The name Curtis, Magic Wagon and
Alakazam not to mention Steve Cook sold it
for me.
Was not disappointed as mentioned the case
is superbly made, I do have Magic Wagons
Knight Vision Box which has a similar look
but allows for a playing card peek and
operates completely differently.
The way the Stealth Case works is a work of
art and no wonder I had no idea how a peek
could be obtained under these conditions.
You get access to all the handlings and dvd
that Mr Nardy/Loosley have done which is
very helpful, but you will have to read the
written instructions that accompany the case
as it is slightly different handling.
David has also done a short tutorial showing
how to get a peek before you even put the
cards in the case (very clever)
The business cards that are supplied are of
very good quality and just like the case
should last forever if you look after them.
A wonderful effect and the incredible thing
you only have to do one simple thing to
accomplish a fantastic feat of mentalism.

Two regrets over the last 12 months or so
Did not purchase the Rob Bromley Penetration Deck not got the funds
Did not purchase the original snake skin
Badlands Bob Box, never saw it advertised
but did buy the 2nd edition wooden box.

These collector edition effects are superb
and suggest you get one while you can

Five Stars


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