The Sting PDF by Yann Hardy

The Sting PDF by Yann Hardy

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From the table cardshark to the magic world...

My name is Yann HARDY and this is  "THE STING"

This pdf contains a tool and a technique that I used when I was a professional card cheater and that I still use today ( although more for entertainment purposes and to educate Casino staff ).

One effect as is follows. The spectator mixes the deck (which can be borrowed). A card is freely chosen and put back in the deck that the spectator can mix as long as he wishes in any way he wants.

The magician then re-takes the deck and cuts directly to the chosen card.

NO peek,

NO breaks,

NO marked deck.

The deck is clean when it is returned to the spectator.

Indeed, once you have "manufactured" the tool (approximately 5 min) you will have it 24 hours a day and on you ready to use.

It also contains effects where you deadcut to selected cards, produce winning poker hands, Mentalism effects, and weird magic with an impromptu haunted deck.


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Customer Reviews

Yann Hardy

Hi guys, just to tell you ( because someone may doesn't understand ) without giving to Much that although i explain what is a b****** crimp on the pdf, the sting is not a b***** crimp. Hope you like it. Yann Hardy

Mick Wilson

This is exceedingly sneaky! It's a bit 'knacky' for lack of a better word but this fact is made clear in the PDF. It is certainly something I will be using as I believe a great many won't, even though they will love the beauty of the method. I, for one, think the effort will be well worth it for the payoff of the powerful, jaw dropping effects that will be able to perform with this. The 4 effects included are very good and they not only give you a head start, but inspire as to the many directions this devious method can be taken in. Well worth the asking price.

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