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Live Online Magic Course with Michael Vincent 22nd Feb 2018

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The Alakazam Academy is a live interactive course which is streamed directly into your Alakazam Account. You can sign in live to learn magic, ask questions and be part of our growing online magic community.  The Alakazam Online Magic Academy has been designed to deliver these magic lessons in a fun, relax, friendly and interactive way.  By signing up to an Academy course you will experience the best in magic learning!

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The Alakazam Online Magic Academy in Association with The Michael Vincent Academy present

The Tapestry of Deception

This session with Michael Vincent will be an engaging conversation on the subject of Misdirection.

Michael is a first generation student of Slydini and learnt his entire repertoire as described by Lewis Ganson in The Magic of Slydini.

Imagine, he was 16 when he read the Slydini book and did not meet him until 1982. So as you can imagine, Slydini was very impressed with Michael and took this as an opportunity to correct all of the things that were missing.

Slydini and Alan Alan, then shared with Michael, the true secrets with Magic and most importantly, being a Deceptive magician

This is your opportunity to hear what Michael has to say about these secrets.

Misdirection has become a rather elusive subject. What Michael has to say on the subject can and will improve your magic to such a degree that your audience will not see, detect or even feel you have done anything suspicious.

Consider the possibility that when you perform magic, you are not as deceptive as you think you are and that you have a very polite audience? If youíve ever performed for children, you know how honest they can be.

Slydiniís system of Misdirection has been used by Michael ever since. He applies it effortlessly to the Magic he performs.

On this session, you will learn:

The Pillars of Deceptive Magic

Sleight of Hand Vs Gimmicks

The Dynamic Threads in the Tapestry

The Power of Rapport

The Ebb and Flow of ?????

Slydiniís big secret

The best routines to learn:

Michael will share Routines which he feels are required learning, like:

Coins through Table

The Signed Card Strikes Back

A Triumphant Colour Stunner

The Changeling

Applications to Techniques:

Card Control

Sleights with Coins

This is an important session - please join us. Your Magic will look and feel different. Your audience will thank you.

**Remember  this course will not be sold as a download after the event so be sure to pre-book to avoid disappointment.

Canít make the date or time?  Donít worry, the course will be saved into your account for you to watch or download.

**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus and or dates may be subject to change without prior notification

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