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The Twins Legacy by Andy Smith

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A Lifetime Of Magical Inventions by Bob Ostin is a veritable goldmine of great ideas for almost every kind of performer. Among the great card magic in there, is one effect by the name of Twisted Twins. Having seen Peter Nardi's version, Really Twisted, that comes as a bonus streaming video when the book is purchased from Alakazam, Andy Smith has extended the plot further to give you three new handling's each with a different twist that you are sure to enjoy performing.
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Customer Reviews

Steve Black
Well done Andy-a really clever routine!
Gary Brown
Had to laugh at this one. Without giving anything away, having read that Andy was sleight heavy (I love sleights myself), I watched the trailer several times I was convinced the toss was a sleight! Led up the garden path on that one. Some lovely switches, and all for 4 quid; really happy with this one Andy!
Sarah Stott
I really enjoyed this download. There are three lovely quick tricks here. The methods are very well explained and are very achievable.

Plus (and I'm not sure why!) throwing a card through the deck is really fun. :)
Robert Hutchinson
Found it hard to follow the instructions to begin with but after watching a few times I slowly sussed it out.

Great work to the A Team.


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