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The Wedding By Derrick Holmes And Magic Wagon


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This is the Latest piece to come from Magic Wagon, Tony Curtis and Alakazam Magic.

We know all you collectors of fine magic are going to love adding this piece to your collection!

The performer introduces a small leather case and from it removes what he claims
to be the world's first approved D.I.Y. wedding, marriage ceremony kit.

This proves to be a slender teak wood frame tunnel or slide and a large metal washer or ring.

The slide is shown to comprise of two magnetic sections
through which the ring will pass freely through.

Each section is marked with a diamond shape motif, one said
to represent the "Man" and the other the "Woman".

To enact the wedding ceremony the two sections are re-assembled
and a lady volunteer is asked to play the role of the bride.

She places her forefinger through the hole and the "ring" is then dropped into the slide.

Obviously it cannot pass completely through because of her finger but when
she withdraws it the "ring" naturally falls out of the bottom end.

Again she inserts her finger and the tip is held by the designated
"groom" so that it cannot be removed from the slide.

The ring is again dropped into the slide and the bride acknowledges
that she can feel it resting on top of her finger.

After explaining what has taken place the slide is divided to reveal
that the ring is now on her finger and she is married.

Comes complete with a custom made leather case, Written instruction booklet and full streaming video instructions.

Manufactured By Magic Wagon Thailand.

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Customer Reviews

This is a beautifully made true collectors piece. The case alone is worth having! The simplicity of the illusion is brought to life with an appropriate presentation. Ive performed this on a number of women on my current travels in Jordan who have all been mystified and enjoyed the story and illusion immensely.
Dazza B
Wow. Beautifully made, this is a stunning piece. The method is both very simple, yet very clever and, more importantly, extremely convincing. The Wedding is a most engaging piece which is well worth the investment. Get one while you still have chance; I saw a true jaw dropping reaction from my text audience. And that makes this worth every single penny.
Mark Call
Can you say WOW.. 'COLLECTORS ITEM' for sure.

This is one of the best quality (and easiest) effects I have seen. At first I was thinking that it may be a touch overpriced.... I can tell you it's WORTH EVERY PENNY and I am going back to purchase another to set aside as this piece WILL increase in value ....

Don't let the simplicity fool you... it's super EASY to do the effect but the 'inner workings' are diabolical, to say the least - that is why this is just purely awesome.

I can not imagine the time and effort that must have gone into each aspect (including the leather case) .. Simple, Beautiful, Effective!

It's truly BRILLIANT and something that will be handed down for generations.

Thanks Peter - for again bringing HIGH QUALITY and CLASS back to this art!


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