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Ultimate Flashback - Larry Becker


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The last word in book tests! Those of you who own the original "Flashback" will appreciate the fact that the words selected in the new Ultimate Flashback books consist of five letters or more. No sweating over the discernment of a two or three letter word. This selection includes: * (4) New / examinable paperback novels. * Copy of an unprepared Webster's Dictionary. * A fifth paperback designed exclusively to perform the "Hoy Book Test" without having to miscall the selected page number. The following are only a few of the incredible effects you will be able to perform: Spectator - concentrates on the first word on any page in any of the five Paperbacks provided. Performer - can reveal the word the spectator is thinking of. Spectator - points to any word in a paragraph on the selected page Performer - can discern it Spectator - concentrates on a proper name on the page Performer - can immediately reveal it Spectator - thinks of a word on the next line Performer - has predicted its location in an unprepared dictionary. Spectator/ Performer - each freely select identical words in each others book Three Spectators - each think of a word in their freely selected book Performer - instantly reveals all three words

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