UltraCandle by Curty

UltraCandle by Curty

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**An Alakazam UK Exclusive (As seen on BGT)

UltraCandle is the latest answer to the self-lighting candle plot. It takes it several steps further than similar versions.

It’s a beautiful work of art. Each candle is made of real wax and with a discreet ignition system. It’s extremely realistic and looks just like a real candle even from a very short distance.

It lights and Relights anytime, everytime and with ZERO delay! 

The remote is silent and reliable and will work many meters away from the candle.

It can stay lit for several minutes without any melting of the top wax, even near the flame.

It will not spill or drip fuel, even when shaking it upside down.

The candle can be refilled even days before use, there is virtually NO evaporation of the fuel. No stressful set-ups, but always ready to go.

There are no complicated refills on the candle: It uses fuel, wick, and one A23 battery. Besides, it’s charged with a micro USB cable (mobile chargers are great) and will last for 60-80 ignitions for each full charge.

The use of wick and fuel is low, and we send each UltraCandle with 24 extra wicks!

Each piece is handmade and have a serial-numbered Certificate of Authenticity with it. It also includes a refill bottle/syringe for your fuel, and a flight case with cubed foam on the inside, so you have the best protection to carry your candle around!

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