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Vanished and gone by Peter Duffie


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You bring out a deck of cards. And ask the spectator to think of any card. You ask them to take the deck from your hands and deal through the cards one at a time in an effort to find their card. Their mouth falls open as they discover that their card is the only card in the deck that is GONE! Read that again. They never tell you a word. They deal through the cards. The card they thought of is the only card that is GONE. Let me go further and state this...there is no force, there is no rough and smooth, and there are no moves or sleights. I know this sounds too good to be true, but it's not!

In an alternate finale, the word GONE boldly appear across the back of thought of card!

We love this effect and we think you will too. We've had the deck specially silk screened on Bicycle card stock and the instructions include every necessary detail, as well as additional ideas on the handling and presentation.
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