Visa Cabaret By Steven Tucker

Visa Cabaret By Steven Tucker

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Your spectator removes 3 items from your wallet. you immediately tell them which items and in what order the items were taken.

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Customer Reviews

Jannis Keller

This really is highly recommended!! You get a beautiful made wallet and the "fake" credit cards, and you are ready to perform a brilliant effect. You know at the end which card the spectator took first, second and third. But that is just the beginning: In addition you have one prdiction, only one, that says in which pockets he'd put the cards. At that moment the people don't understand the world..... Buy this!!!

Ian Howarth

Two things I always insist on when checking out mentalist effects are: does the effect instantlly reset and does it allow me to concentrate on the presentation without fear of it 'going wrong'. Stephen's effect does both admirably and is a complete fooler there being no heat whatsoever on the wallet. Highly recommended!

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