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Zero To Hero Course John Carey

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This course has now ended.  Thank you to everyone that took part.  We hope you enjoyed it.  

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Customer Reviews

Dazza B
Only half way through lesson one of this six week course, and I cannot praise it enough. If you're a novice, like myself, or a seasoned pro who is looking to refresh some forgotten basics, this course is worth every single penny. In the first half lesson, I've already changed the way I shuffle cards completely, and have seen some simple, but extremely effective routines that I will be watching over and over so that I get nail them. There is nothing here that, with just a little time and practice, even a total beginning cannot get to grips with. If you watch it live, then the lessons are truly interactive - I've had several questions addressed during the first session. I just cannot praise it enough. Forget Hogwarts or any other school of magic you may have heard of, if you truly want to learn the tricks of the trade, then the Alakazam online academy is the only place to go! Pure magic!
Richard Weston
Well it's been an amazing first half and the teaching is just brill. There is enough time to ask questions and to request a go over of a move, maybe from a different angle. John is a really relaxed guy and his manner of explaining things is brill. This is a great tool for all magicians, well done Alakazam and all involed. Got to go second half is about to start. Bye bye.
Watching the first lesson tonight. Learnt some cool things already and the interactive approach is working well, "can we see that again, or see a different camera angle". Highly recommended !
Nicola McBride
Well I took part in my first live magic academy session today which was John Carey's Zero to Hero Card course and my word it was awesome. John is a fantastic tutor and is able to break each move and trick down for beginners, intermediate and also experienced performers. There was ALOT covered and it was all done in a light fun environment thanks to the hosts Alakazam. After one session I know that this is well worth the money. A great investment in your career guys
David Hall
Thank you guys. Good to be reminded of the basics, stuff I learnt long ago, and don't use, plus new stuff too.
Catching up on the Hero to Zero Course with John Carey tonight. Not only the course is filled with plenty of effective routines, for a 'newbie' like me it is full of valuable information that are easy enough to follow to practice and get better. Brilliant.
Alakazam keeps coming with fresh ideas that makes magic fun and accessible. Always making you feel welcome, the team and its members club are always around to help you. Thank you
Cant wait for next week.
Ian S
Just signed up and missed live show. what a miss on me as this is amazing. Felt like I was with John and Dave getting one to one tuition. I've been performing magic for years for fun and and just realised how little I know. Thanks Guys. Next week is too far away!!
Philip Carlisle
Just watched the first half of the first lesson I wasn't able to see it live .

Great first half, lots to practice well done Alakazam.

Just requested to join the group if you could let me in.


Adrian Shattock
Alakazam Academy, watched the trailers and vlogs and just wasnt sure, decided against it so missed the early bird discount.
On the very day of lesson one I had another card trick delivered and like quite a few before, great trick but another deck to carry, a one trick pony, another one destined for the suit case, I need to learn proper card magic so I bit the bullet and booked a place on this course.
Probably the best thing I have ever done in magic.
John along with the help of Dave are fantastic teachers, clear presentation and filming and at the right speed to keep up.
This feels as if I am sat opposite them at the table, its also fun and Im more likely to learn in this setting.
This is so much better than I could have imagined, sure we have only had the one lesson but this is to be highly recommended.
They are not one off lessons as they stay in your account, to date I've watched it through 3 times :0)
Bring on lessons 2 to 6 and more academy lessons after this first one.

Andre van Tichelen
After 2 lessons, i'm very happy to have enrolled. It's just what I needed on the right moment. Some weeks ago I thought i wanted to have more I can do with a normal deck of cards. So that means 'learn slight of hand'. This course popped up and I enrolled. Turns out to bee the right choice : what I needed, noting more , nothing less. Clearly explained. And i can view en word with it when it suits me and as much as i want.
Very happy I did this. And now we're getting even more withe the added Bonuses.... Thanks a lot John (I'll offer you a beer when you're at the Belgian Magical day. But also thanks to all the Alakazam staff that makes this possible (I'll visit you too in Brussels....)
Phill Evans
Loving the Academy Zero to Hero course. When I returned to magic a few months ago I was content with learning a few reasonably strong card tricks to have at my disposal. I never imagined I could become a competent practitioner. This course is providing all the foundations to go way beyond anything I imagined I could achieve. I love John's straight forward 'no frills' approach building solid technique that will take you wherever you want to go in card magic. The teaching is clear and helpful, Dave is a great co-host as usual and Peter and Sarah are their to handle questions and comments. Not forgetting H on camera who does an excellent job giving us all the angles we need. It's clear Alakazam has invested heavily in kitting out the studio and it shows. The amount of material is mind blowing and the tricks that accompany the techniques are real workers (I'm sure if you mastered all the tricks taught you would have sufficient solid material to be a gigging magician). I've also found the course has opened up other resources I already own (books and DVDs). Going over the basic sleights and moves or providing alternatives have allowed me to access material I have previously overlooked or thought beyond me. And finally, it's fun. We're having such a great time. If your thinking of it, I would say come and join us.
Craig Morgan
This course has been a joy to watch!

Aside from the magic and the education, John has been engaging, helpful and (sometimes!) funny and has been backed up very well by the Alakazam team!

The main strength of the academy is not just the format but its fluidity. If you have a question, it will be answered and John has added so much more than the original prospectus promised! He also listens to the group on Facebook and has added in extra tip and aids on demand. Therefore, if you haven't checked the Academy out yet, you should!

John has set a very good precedent for what the academy means and has been a great ambassador as to what it will provide in the future! This IS an excellent investment!
Patrick Doyne
I am 70 years old. I have been an amateur magician for 58 years. I recently enrolled in the " Zero To Hero " course. I have only experienced lesson # 1 and I already feel , I have received my moneys worth. It is so nice to review things I learned in my early years, and also things that are new to me. Mr. Carey is an excellent teacher, and Dave compliments him extremely well. Thank you, Peter and everyone else at Alakazam for making the academy a reality. I look forward to many years of tuition.
Jonathan B
I can't thank everyone enough for this amazing course - the structure is just perfect for a gradual build up of skills and I'll certainly be re-watching again and again. The extra info and discussions that have happened throughout are invaluable and just wouldn't have happened in a more formal DVD release. Amazing generosity from John in particular but also all involved at Alakazam. Thanks so much again!
Roy McBrayer
Superb course that focused on what is important to a performing magician not on "finger flicking" as a gymnastic exercise. Good, practical information for all levels. My recommendation is to take this and use is a reference foundation. Pick out some core effects, work on the supporting sleights and routine and take your time. This is not a course just to view once. It should be reviewed in detail because there is a wealth of information here. Plus, Mr. Carey's personality is perfect for teaching this material. If I ever become 1/10th as entertaining as he is, I will be happy.
Steve Majes
I love watching, chatting and attending lectures by other magicians.There are areas of magic I work in and areas I don't, I'm always fascinated and open to new presentations and techniques for my magical tool box and the Alakazam Academy has been a gold mine! There is so much I've read and forgotten over the years so having the Alakazam Academy has been a great reminder and education into new areas that I may have only dabbled with in the past. John Carey is a great teacher and with his academy course has taken me back to my teenage years of discovery and rediscovery of some great card magic.The step by step teaching along with John's relaxed approach has given me the confidence to take on some of those moves I may have only skirted over in the past. Thank you to John and the whole Alakazam Academy team :)


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