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Against All Odds By Alakazam Magic

Against All Odds By Alakazam Magic

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***Also Included Is Peter Nardi's Multi-Kicker Closing Routine For Stand Up / Stage Performers 

If there is one thing we all have in common it’s that everybody wishes they could predict the Lottery and with odd of almost 14,000,000 to 1 it seems very unlikely!

Lottery fever is a worldwide phenomenon and there was a time you couldn't walk in to a shop without seeing some novelty way of generating your numbers.

The Lottery Deck is one of those ways.  The idea is simple, mix the deck, select six cards and take you chance! BUT what if nothing was left to chance? What if you could actually predict the lottery?

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Customer Reviews

Dr. Christopher Faria

I recently received AAO because I saw that it had great potential. I am not disappointed. I rarely buy anything these days. If I do it has to be because either the idea is so great or I cannot produce it myself; i.e., graphics, cards, etc. What you receive: A deck of colorful lottery cards, box, and link to a secret website to download a 30 minute, well shot video, and a pdf for the large cards. I had to email them for the link for the pdf since I couldn't find it, but Peter Nardi mentions that if you can't find it, just email them. My take: There are expensive lottery predictions out there to be sure. But on the whole I've been impressed with Alakazam products over the years. The cards are well produced and come in a box that doesn't scream "magic." The patter line is "I picked these up in a pound shop..." could easily be changed to "I picked these up in a dollar store." Peter Nardi uses a clear plastic box in the video but this is not included in the package. One could easily obtain one. I won't and can't talk about the method. But I can say it is NOT equivoque. What you see in the demo video is what you get. The spectator does make genuine choices to keep or eliminate whatever she wants and it is all fair. Thus you can both concentrate on your presentation and the method is cleverly disguised. I genuinely believe that Alakazam could have charged twice as much for this effect, especially because Peter's stage version is worth the price of the effect and more. The colorful cards, the contemporary theme, the large stage version all lend themselves to including this in your repertoire. This is a winner (pun intended)!

Paul Edger

This trick is coming with me at all times,its so easy,yet so clean,and so strong,and even more,thanks Peter,Dave,Andy,and Alakazam,this trick is a winner.

Robert Mcgrath

This is certainly a must have, worth its weight in gold, genius thinking and delivered, best purchase in long time, excellent product and it's a must purchase very happy i have it, certainly have a winner,

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