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Agility By Rich Gerrish


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Agility By Rich Gerrish

Agility is a hard-hitting mentalism routine using a common battle card game theme (Top Trumps) .  The thinking and design that has gone in to this deck is amazing and has truly been a labour of love for all involved.  The cards are perfect in every way and get this it allows you to perform some seriously great mentalism effects with ZERO memory work!

Phase One

You can have your spectator cut the deck anywhere and deal both you and them a hand of cards. You can now accurately tell them exactly what you will beat them on with each card played and get this you are not reading marks and you don’t even need to look at the cards and you could have predicted every win or loss in advance if you wish!!

Phase Two

Have your spectator remove any card from the pack and with your back turned you can start giving them detailed information about their chosen character including their overall star rating, strength rating and even the exact name of their character  (all without memorising a thing)

As a bonus you can even perform a book test type effect with the character information included on the card.

Agility is a versatile utility deck that will add an interesting twist to your mentalism.

Points To Remember

Zero Memory Work Required

No Forces

Each Card Is Totally Different

The Backs Of The Cards Are identical in every way

Agility Comes Complete With

Full Training DVD which teaches multiple effects with the deck

Custom Designed and Printed Battle Card Deck

Custom Designed And Printed Battle Card Deck Tuck Case

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Customer Reviews

Andrew Ace

Rich has teamed with Alakazam to release one of the most stealth like weapons you will ever come across.... AGILITY! There is nothing to hide, nothing the spectators will see as far as any secrets or methods, this is FULLY examinable. Perform AGILITY and your spectator will experience an unreal, jaw-dropping memory, one they'll never forget :) Pure genius that went into the methodology and creation of this. I recommend this to everyone and anyone interested in some mentalism with cool colored cards. Something to change things up from a standard deck of cards, Agility brings a comic theme of top trumps back from the old days and will suit a great performance for anyone into Mentalism or Magic. I am not a comic/ superhero person - don't let that fool you as this will get you involved, loving every moment of it. By the time you are finished you will be running with ideas wild with other ways to use Agility! This is also a UTILITY to the max if you use your creativity & Peter + Rich on the instructional go through some ideas that will spark things for you. I am getting ready to order a second one, order yours today - I promise you will be blown away! Don't hesitate! Click that add to cart button... If you don't, I will :) 10/10 - Andrew Ace, NY USA

Burt Ebel

So I just got “AGILITY” by Rich Gerrish. This effect is brilliant. More important this deck is also a great Utility Deck with the only thing holding you back is your own mind. The quality of this deck is fantastic which makes for easy handling. Thank you Rich for putting this effect together and Peter for bring it to market. If anyone is considering AGILITY you will not be disappointed.

Bert Van Dyck

Very high quality cards and the method is so ingenious. Excellent teaching DVD and again an Alakazam winner.! I'm hoping that there will be expansion cards available like for Screen-test

Steve Black

I was really looking forward to this release and I am not disappointed. Th art work is fantastic as is the premise. Yes it is cards but so different from a standard pack. I love mentalism effects but they are not always suitable for 'walk around'. This is !!.The phases are logical and really baffling to a lay audience. The key thing to remember is that there is little/no memory work. Highly recommended !!!!

G. Bairstow

I am a 76 O.A.P. & also a magician known locally has Tricky "D" That's Me!. Just received your fantastic "Agility Cards" After spending this morning practicing. I then performed for my 13 year grandchild. With 3 phases 1... 4 cards each, 2... remove card from spread, 3... Star rating, Characters name & then ending with Book Test, He was gobsmacked for he has a number of "Top Trump" cards. Definitely one of my best buys.

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