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Squash! By David Loosley

Squash!     By David Loosley

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A card is selected and signed by your spectator then returned to the deck. You now set the deck on the table, or your spectator's hand and a regular bottle cap is introduced. The cap is slammed onto the deck and instantly vanishes without a trace! You now spread the deck facedown to show that the image of a flattened bottle cap has appeared on the back of just one of the cards.
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Customer Reviews

Steven Holt

This is a great trick. A lot of guys might overlook this, I like it a lot. Just get matching bottle caps for the gimmicks supplied, do a bit of prep work that'll take you about 5 mins, then you're good to go after a bit of practice. I like how it's so visual, & you can pop the bottle cap off the card at the end, which I like a lot. Dave goes into a lot of detail o the DVD included. Teaches you different way to perform this trick. I'd highly recommend this.

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