Oasis Booktest By Clint Barron

Oasis Booktest By Clint Barron
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Finally we have a booktest that’s easy to learn and uncomplicated to perform. Making the presentation uncluttered, and easy for your spectator to follow.

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Customer Reviews

Chris Fisanick

This is an amazingly good book test, kind of like MOABT turbo charged. You have three possible word predictions per page, which is terrific. You do need to know the page number, which is not a problem for me. The only small quibble is that the book is not formatted like an ordinary book. I know that a bunch of folks will think that it's a deal-breaker, but it's not. Just roll with it, and you will blow minds.

Geoff Bairstow

The simplicity of this booktest is what makes it such a strong effect. Literally no memory work, so you can concentrate on your presentation. I am a 77 O.A.P. & managed to do this after watching the video. The fact that I can choose to disclose anyone of three words on any page of this book, Is in itself truly remarkable & because it is so easy. TRULY MAGICAL!!!

Colin Stainton

I phoned Peter for some advice on another product, and his honest opinion was to spend a bit more and buy The Oasis Book Test, and I'm so pleased I did. What an amazing product. It's seriously good. Peter said that within 10-minutes I'd have the method down, and although I was sceptical, he was right. Well within 10-minutes of watching the DVD I had it mastered. Very straightforward too allowing for a variety of presentations. It's deceptive as well. No fishing for anything either. I highly recommend you get this. Just brilliant.

George Sinclair

Excellent booktest. Very straightforward method which allows for a variety of presentations. It is great to be able to use words spread around the page rather than just the first or last. Very deceptive. No fishing for letters, no crib necessary. Move over MOABT!

Scott Clark

I ordered this, not long after the vlog. I have to say, as someone who is starting to learn about performing magic for less then a month. This is very easy to learn. It took barley any time to learn. It has fooled all my work partners. A great item, plus it can be kept on the shelf. Ready for any on the spot magic.

Steve Black

I LOVE THIS!!!!! Well done Alakazam AGAIN !

Giles Saunders

Such a good book test and very simple to learn.

Steve Sibson

Easy to learn very good book test well Worth the money

Wayne Goodman

got this at blackpool on the friday around lunch time and was doing it ten minutes later in the bar. simple, direct, no memory work, the key to this effect is simplicity itself and i can see myself doing it in close up, parlour and stage. some book tests are 10 - 20 times the price and you have to fish for the first letter or read a crib or catch a glimpse, with this you dont need to do any of that, you just get them to open a page and your good to go. fantastic and 10/10

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