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Along For The Ride By Peter Nardi

Along For The Ride By Peter Nardi

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"Along For The Ride” is a fun new effect from Peter Nardi using four Bicycle backed jokers.
How awesome would it be if you could freeze "Dr. Daleys Last Trick” at the most magical moment, leaving your spectator with physically altered objects.

Two jokers are held by your spectator and two are held by the magician.  The magician explains that the jokers from his hands will vanish and appear in his spectator’s hand.  Both the magician and spectator cover the cards in their hands. After a second or two the magician states that his jokers have traveled to join the jokers in his spectator’s hands. 

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Customer Reviews

Doug Roberts

I've had this sitting in a drawer for several years, and just got it out, never even got a chance to look at the method before. I have and love "Double Back" by John Allen, and this is very similar. But whereas Double Back simply switches two cards between performer and spectator, this effect goes quite a bit beyond - which is why, I'm sure, I bought it after seeing the effect. With "Along For the Ride", ALL the cards at the reveal are different! It's much cleverer than it might seem at start with 4 regular jokers (and the "twin jokers" are cleverly printed so with a partial spread they look exactly like a regular joker. I'm not a huge fan of the Olram subtlety unless it's used ingeniously, and for sure, here it's so. It's easy to do , and very clever. I'm surprised it's out of production right now!

John Meaney

Brilliant and very clever packet trick! Will be using this on a regular basis. Thanks!

Francis Clarke

Good trick , I always give a good story to go with this one, Easy to do, well recommended gets plenty of laughs, Good instructional dvd by Peter Nardi.


Ok, so this isn't going to fool anyone who has NFW, Aces or the various other packet tricks using similar methods. However what you do get is great value for money. Free shipping, thoughtful tuition (although it's very easy to perform), beautifully produced gaffed Bikes and the ability to use Peter's brilliant "less is more" patter.

Buta Dan

This effect is perfect if you did Ace by RS before to the same people or others in the same routine because they expect a thing and in fact they get something different and as strong as Ace. If you do this for the first time to someone who don't even know how the cards look they will not understand that well when they see the Jokers vanishing from the cards even if i speak so they can understand what;s gonna happend.,that happend to me,so i do Ace first and if i meet that person again and ask me to do that trick again i do Along for the ride so they get shoked again. The metod is easy to do.

Dan Marsh

I did this packet trick for my employees at work. Well it blew their minds. One employee Joe asked how I was gonna get the joker back onto the card, Simple advice....just buy it.

Dazza B

I love this packet trick. Extremely visual. Very easy to learn; in fact, even a humble hobbyist like me is actually surprised that Alakazam themselves give this a difficulty rating of two; I would definitely give it one; it is easier to handle than the comparable Ace, which was previously my favourite packet trick of this kind, yet the taught handling still doesn't look as natural as this one does. It looks far smoother, more natural and thus raises less suspicion among the audience, which makes the impact even better.


I always love packet tricks, and I have many of them, because in my opinion you can do so much magic with just a few cards, which is also very visual. This one goes straight into my repertoire, because I love the Doc.Daley Plot and this is something different. So to conclude VERY GOOD 4 Stars

Steve Black

Never sure about packet tricks but this is superb.Solid method with expert tuition from Peter. Another excellent Alakazam product !!

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