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Big Reaction By Andy Nyman

Big Reaction By Andy Nyman

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Big Reaction is Andy Nyman’s take on a Roy Johnson  effect.  Andy has performed his killer version of this trick literally thousands of times and the reaction is always the same - Huge.
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Customer Reviews


First of all, this is an amazing trick. It's clever easy and you can carry it with you everywhere. The setup takes about an hour to make but it pays off and I have fooled everyone with it.

Peter Nardi

Review taken from Genii April 2012. By David Regal. THIS IS ANDY NYMAN'S version of Ron Johnson's "Lucky Card" effect."Big Reaction" is an "odd card" plot, in which the spectator's freely-selected card (in this case, totally free) is in some way different from all the other cards in the deck. Here, the perfromer beseeches the audience to fill a room with applause should the experiment prove successful. A card is named and the performer removes it from a deck. The deck is now turned over to reveal that the not-chosen cards have blank backs with the word "BOO" written across them, and the chosen card displays the words "GO CRAZY", a virtual command for your audience to verbally shout their approval. Subtle? No. But if you are working, a strolling gig and want your employer to hear loud reactions to your endeavors, this may be the most sure-fire way in which to meet that aim. Considerations: Is the blatant manner in which the perfromer beseeches the audience for applause too whorish? That is between you and your God.


Just 5 days after buying this from Andy at his London lecture, I performed it at my local Magic Club and blew them all away with it! Typical Nyman - easy to do yet so so powerful!

Luca Volpe

I have both Warlok that Big Reaction. As all the routines from Andy the simplicity of the concetp is what make the effect a killer routine! My head already was spinning with the concept used in warlok and I already have an idea on how to transform the routine for stage!(thanks Andy!) About Big Reaction, is really a ....big reaction. I have performed this in my gig the 31th december at the Hotel Danieli in Venice and the new plot on this concept make the routine outstanding.I had standing ovations at the tables!!The good things is that for the people that see that reactions (owner of the hotel, directors etc...)it is a great things for repeating booking! Highly reccomended both the routines! :)

Wayne Goodman

As a performer i love routines that enable me to put as much of my personality into as i can, andy nyman has taken an already excellent effect and turned it on its head, as a believer in simplicity this shines and with the ability to be an opener or a closer this will find a definite place in my close up set. well done guys 5 out of 5 isnt enough i give it a 10 * * * * * * * * * *


HI peter andall the gang, ive just bought this and wow what a show stopper, great for an opener or closer.. once again thanks alakazam.


Big Reaction gets a great reaction!!!!! highly recommended!!!!!

Roslyn Walker

AWESOME! Does exactly what it says on the tin. I bought this Monday, it arrived Tuesday, watched the DVD Wednesday, set it up on Thursday and performed it Friday at a corporate Christmas party. I used it as my closer and I literally got a standing ovation from each table I performed it at. It's also the perfect trick to segway into a new table as it can be used to get them involved. So in effect it's the closer for one table and the opener for another. A 5* rating is too low. Ps... Sorry for going all "Craig David" at the beginning of this review.


When I set this up and saw the vid, I was not sure iff I liked the words on the cards, I did think of chaning them to something else. Anyway, In the end I thought I would stick to Andys suggestions after seeing him do this at a leture. I did it live for the first time at the weekend doing walkabout at a resturant gig. I used it as an opener at tables, it was great!! Really got heads turning from the other tables to see whats going on when everyone 'cheered' and clapped at the right time at the end!! So then they were eger for me to come to there tables!!

Duncan Price

I saw Andy do this effect at a lecture in London and I have to say that this is a great opener and closer. It will get laughs as well as a positive reaction - what more can you ask for!

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