Butterfly Effect By Peter Nardi


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Around ten years ago I created an effect that I have shared with very few magicians.  It’s my go to "magician fooler” and makes a really nice presentation piece to perform for lay people.  It uses a regular deck, the process is ultra-fair and the reveal is jaw-dropping !

In 2015 I featured this effect in my lectures and the response was incredible.  I have had so many requests to release this to the community and I’m happy to say my good friend Titanas finally convinced me to put my work on the Butterfly Effect on DVD.

On this DVD you will learn my complete handling and presentation for the Butterfly Effect as well as some additional ideas I have kept secret for a long time.

Not only that but you will also receive two custom printed reveal cards and a printable PDF for my parlour presentation Fate & Free Will.

The Butterfly Effect is a self-working masterpiece that you will love performing! 

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Customer Reviews

Dean Humpage

Firstly i start by saying 16.99 is a small amount to pay to have something so powerfull in your hands, i have been involved in magic nearly 3 decades and study every night and i have never met this method i slightly changed the patter to suit me and destroyed a few heads performing this ,do not underestimate this effect and if like me your creative in your theatre youcan make up your own routines great product at the right price.

Reese Goodley

Simply stunning, I have been using this for a while and never fails to get a strong reaction. Very highly recommended

Mike Kent

Superb piece of card magic that amazes spectators. Very easy to do, with a great story. I have sometimes been very disappointed with tricks I have bought from some suppliers, but never anything by Peter Nardi. This trick is one of his cleverest. Okay, there isn't a great deal in the package, but that's not the point. You're paying for a very clever secret.

Steven Justice

fantastic trick, thanks peter.. being doing this a lot since i purchased it,but would like to know how to use the routine with my cipher deck please.


Brilliant routine. This has been my best buy in a while. I actually close with this as it is so strong.

Tim Stracey

This is great, a simple method but a total fooler, i've preformed this close up for a while now and recently even added it too my show, with the right setting and background its a killer, i use a fate/destiny premise..its one of my favorite effects this year so far

Geoff Partner

The Butterfly effect, best trick l have ever purchased from Alakazam, As someone that's very new to performing magic, this simple easy to learn but very clever effect is a great way of impressing your audience. Thanks Peter.


It's the best trick I've purchased for a while great


When you read this, it shouldn't work. It seems too convoluted .... but it's a crowdpleaser. Great for the storyteller. Only grumble, a couple of extra joker gimmicks would be nice for walkaround repeat, but any one using it will soon sort it. Great effect...great value.

Paul Male

A simple to learn but stunning effect - once again Peter Nardi delivers the goods!!!!

Dr. Christopher Faria

Effect: The mentalist and spectator shuffle a deck of cards- it can be a borrowed deck. The spectator is given a choice of "Freewill" or "Fate." They can count down to a card, say 7 of spades. Then, they can either keep that number or change (say to a King- with a value of 13). This is repeated until he can't go any further. Lets say the 5 of spades is the last card turned face up. EVERY Choice was made by the spectator... but it matches your prediction on the table from the beginning. What you get- a DVD with instructions and 2 PDF's for the parlor version. Register the product and you will have access to any pdf's or future routines. What you learn: Peter says this effect is self-working. It virtually is. The video is WELL explained. There is a minor set up but Peter teaches everything you need to know and do. There are additional ideas after the basic routine is taught. There is a parlor/stage routine as well if you choose to use the PDF's. There is a wonderful little routine with completing a poker hand and the card selected makes up the hand. Some mentalists eschew card effects. I'm not one of them. And once you know the basic routine, there are lots of ways to go with this effect to personalize it and make it your own. I thought it would be a marvelous effect to include the Heirloom effect with, just for starters. In my opinion, if you want a bang-up effect for such a low price you couldn't go wrong with this.

Stephen Beresford

Cunning principle with a clever presentation. I particularly liked the bonus idea included in the packet that isn't on the dvd. Highly recommended.

Steven Holt

I don't understand how this trick is so expensive for what you get in the packet. £16.99 for 2 specially printed gimmicks, really? If the trick came with a deck of cards also, I could justify the cost for what you get. Don't get me wrong, it's a fine trick and it works. The DVD is well made and the instructions are clear. I don't think it's worth the cost for a stand alone trick. That's just my opinion.

Craig Morgan

Excellent effect guys!! Glad you were persuaded to release it Peter!! I do like the Cypher Deck idea that Steve Black suggested as well. Will definitely try that! Great release! You deserve a lot of success with it!!

Chris Lomas

I hate Alakazam. They always seem to find new ways of making my bank losing a few extra pennies a month!! What a fantastic effect. Simple. Hard hitting. And the variations are endless so you can very easily change this for your own style. My head is already filling with different ideas. Thank you Peter, great effect again!!

Dan Marsh

Booooooooooooooooom Back of the net (well it is the Euro's!!) Nardi's done it again. This is simple in it's execution but so powerful a trick I have now caused the death of several friends as their heads exploded watching it. If you have not purchased and want a killer routine that is a real powerful opener using a regular deck that can then be used for all your other routines then loookeeeee right here. 17 notes seems like I just robbed Mr. Nardi..............

Ziggy Twine

Great! So simple yet so clever. Love it!

Paul Callan

Got this trick today and what a lovely trick and very easy to do with a great effect. If u love tcard tricks then this is for you. I love it. Thanks Peter for bringing this out

Steve Black

WOW !! Another superb Alakazam release ! Self-working, YES! Professional standard routine, YES ! Easy to perform, YES! I would have expected to pay considerably more for the secret. Will be using this tonight ! As usual you also get FOC extras to your account. Excellent release Peter!!

Bert Van Dych

I was familiar with the method used for this effect and it's easy , self working and mind blowing ! I adapted and converted this method to do the effect with a Cypher Deck and it's even more impressive ! Great job Peter and again a top release by Alakazam

Mark Call

Peter Nardi's Butterfly Effect is a "DIABOLICAL MIND FRY!" You will be preforming this 'Self Worker' minutes after watching the DVD! I actually FOOLED MYSELF the first time I did it. It's a BRILLIANTLY 'SIMPLE' PRINCIPLE that will allow you to be creative with many effects, not just a one hit wonder. I now know why Peter kept this to himself for years. I can tell you that I WOULD HAVE PAID 10X THE PRICE for just the 'Simple Secret' in Butterfly Effect. As always, Peter Nardi brings it ON with Easy To Follow Instructions, Ideas AND Variations that will immediately put Butterfly Effect in the WORKER PILE!!

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