Camouflage By Keith Porter


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Keith Porters Camouflage is a colour changing deck routine like no other.

This multi phase effect has some seriously visual eye-popping changes.


Four blue backed cards are displayed each baring a colourful Chameleon on the face.

Phase One

A card is selected from a red backed deck. The card is switched with one of the Chameleon cards and now all the Chameleons change to become an exact replica of the chosen card both front and back!

Phase Two

The cards are switched back and now all the Chameleons appear again and their backs turn back to blue.

Phase Three

You place one of the Chameleon cards on top of the red deck and all the backs turn blue

Camouflage is easy to do and comes complete with special gimmicks and a full instructional video which includes Keith's original handling and ideas by Dave Loosley and Peter Nardi

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Customer Reviews

Ronald Wood

What an amazing little packet trick. This REALLY knocks the socks off lay people. The Chameleon pictures on the cards take this away from being your usual card trick and takes it into an astounding Close Up magic effect. You can play with this all day and still be amazed how it works out! Dave Loosley’s idea for the Colour Changing pack takes it up a notch even more. Comes complete with all cards, even the R/B d***le b*cker for the pack change. Thank you Keith Porter and Alakazam.


Nice trick based on Richard Vollmer's Double Chameleon. The Chamelon cards provided are Bicycle cards.

Stephen Beresford

Quick, easy, entertaining and highly visual.

Geoff Lucas

This is a very neat packet trick indeed. The cards are really first class and the routine is very easy to do . Seeing the cards magically change into the selection looks incredible. It makes a nice change from just using playing cards alone as the pictures arouse interest from the spectators. I have done this for children age 6 upwards, highly recommended

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